EasyHarvest 1.2.1

Harvest crops fast and easy.

  1. flo56958
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    This is a little Plugin, that helps you farm crops in vanilla Minecraft.
    It is fully configurable and can be used with WorldGuard.

    • right-clicking a grown crop with the configured tool will harvest and replant it
    • harvesting costs 1 durability (configurable) (enchantments matter!)
    • works with wheat, carrots, potatoes and beetroot
    • only works in survival and adventure mode
    • no permissions needed
    Planned features:
    • Add a configurable delay (delay between the right-click and the placement of the seed)
    • Damage: [integer] what Damage should the tool get when harvesting (will be cast to short)
    • includeEnchantments: [boolean] should the enchantment of the tool be recognized by the plugin
    • acceptedTools: [list of string / material]: change the item/tool that can harvest (must be written like WOOD_HOE)
    I'm open for bug reports and request!!
    I can understand english and german!

    If you want to use this plugin on public servers you can. But I like to know (just for the records :) )
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Recent Updates

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  2. The dependent Configuration-Update
  3. Enchanting is a thing?

Recent Reviews

  1. Dniwe
    Version: 1.1.1
    Amazing plug-in. It's not 5 stars. It is 10. What I've been waiting for. But I think you should add dependence on enchantment durability in the next update!
    1. flo56958
      Author's Response
      I have updated the plugin with this addition (1.1.2). Thank you for your help! Flo56958
  2. JWine
    Version: 1.1.1
    Good plugin, i hope u always update this plugin [Sorry about my english]