EasyHarvest 1.4

Automate Farming! Enhance Farming! Harvest by right-clicking!

  1. Automatization and GrowthStopper

    • Added Harvester and it's config options
    • Added GrowthStopper

    • Reorganized Plugin
    • Updated Config
    • Fixed various bugs
  2. Any Tool and more Harvest Update

    • Added new config-option replant: [boolean] Should there be replanting after harvest
    • Added new config-option AllowAnyTool: [boolean] If true, you can harvest with anything (even bare hand)
    • Added support for netherwards
    • Added support for cocoaplants
  3. bStats-Update

    • Added bStats-metrics
  4. Sound-Update + Bugfix-Update #2

    • Added a Sound when successful harvested (should be heard by every player near to the crop)
    • Sound can be turned off in the config
    • Added a new config-option: playSound (default: true) [set it to false if there should be no harvesting sound]

    • [fixed] items were deleted when harvested with them
  5. Bugfix-Update #1

    • [fixed] 1.2 had a problem when right-clicking a non-crop block
  6. The dependent Configuration-Update

    • Added a soft-dependency for WorldGuard (WorldGuard is not necessary but will expand the functionality) [plugin checks if player are able to build)
    • Added a new list in the config were you can change the item/tool which can be used (must be written like a bukkit material [WOOD_HOE])
  7. Enchanting is a thing?

    As Dniwe requested (thank you) here is the update which includes the enchantment level of the tool which is being used.

    • Updated Config-File (you need to delete the old one) with the option: includeEnchantments (default: true) [turn it off if enchantments should not be detected by the plugin]
    • Plugin now checks what enchantment is now on the tool (you can turn it off if you like)
  8. First Configuration Update

    • added a first version of a config
    • the damage value of the tool is now configurable
    • increased the targeted block range
  9. The Damage-Update

    • Harvesting now lowers the durability of your tool (untill it breaks)