EasyHomes [SKRIPT] 100% FREE- Multiple Homes - Custom messages - Addons - Multiworld Support & More! 3.2.19

EasyHomes allows you to create multiple homes with many extras!

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    EasyHomes allows you to create multiple homes with many extras!


    - SkUtilities
    - Skript


    - Create multiple homes!
    - Delete homes!
    - Config file!
    - Custom messages!
    - Multiworld Support!
    - Addons!
    - Placeholders!
    - Custom error prefix!
    - Custom permissions!
    - Warp signs!
    - Data saving in files!
    - Custom prefix!
    - Build-In colorcodes!
    - Maximum homes per permission!
    - Command warmup!
    - Reload command!
    - Easy to understand!
    - Active developer
    - Works perfectly!


    1: Download Skript here
    2: Place Skript in your plugins folder
    3: Download SkUtilities here
    4: Place SkUtilities in your plugins folder
    5: Restart the server
    6: Download EasyHomes.sk
    7: Go to your plugins folder and select skript, select scripts and place EasyHomes.sk in this folder
    8: Restart your server
    9: Edit the config file to your whiches
    10: Restart your server and you are all done!


    To create a warp sign, you need to create a sign with the following lines:

    (Your home)

    Players also need permissions to use and create signs. You can find them in your permissions file.

    If you want, you can disable signs in config.yml.


    Because of yaml Skript issues, we have our own colorcodes.

    Code (Text):

    $0$ = Black
    $1$ = Dark Blue
    $2$ = Dark Green
    $3$ = Dark Aqua
    $4$ = Dark Red
    $5$ = Dark Purple
    $6$ = Gold
    $7$ = Light Gray
    $8$ = Dark Gray
    $9$ = Light Blue
    $a$ = Light Green
    $b$ = Light Aqua
    $c$ = Light Red
    $d$ = Light Purple
    $e$ = Yellow
    $f$ = White
    $l$ = Bolt
    $k$ = Obfuscated
    $m$ = Striketrough
    $n$ = Underlined
    $o$ = Italic
    $r$ = Reset


    Config file:

    Go to your plugins folder, click on EasyHomes and select config.yml

    Code (Text):

    #The prefix.
    prefix: $e$[$a$EasyHomes$e$]

    #The warmup duration in seconds. Set to 0 if you want to disable this.
    warmup: 3

    #Maximum amount of homes players can set (Do not set this to a high number, it can cause lag)
    maxhomes: 5

    #Do you want to use the normal prefix at a error? If false, it will use the customerrorprefix instead.
    prefixonerror: false
    customerrorprefix: $4$ERROR,

    #Sign options
    usesigns: true

    Messages file:

    Go to your plugins folder, click on EasyHomes and select messages.yml

    Code (Text):

    #Errors, (no colorcodes supported!).
    noperm: You don't have permission!
    homealreadyexist: That home is already set!
    homedoesntexist: That home doesn't exits!
    maxhomesreached: Maximum homes reached!
    donthaveanyhomes: You don't have any homes!
    inwarmup: You are in warmup!
    wrongworld: You cannot do this here!

    #Sethome command.
    homeset: $3$Home $d$$home$ $a$set!

    #Delhome command.
    homedeleted: $3$Home $d$$home$ $c$deleted!

    #Home command.
    teleportedtohome: $3$You have been telepored to home $d$$home$!
    teleportwarmup: $c$Teleporting to home $d$$home$ $c$in $e$$warmup$ seconds...

    Permissions file:

    Go to your plugins folder, click on EasyHomes and select permissions.yml

    Code (Text):

    sethome: easyhomes.sethome

    delhome: easyhomes.delhome

    homeslist: easyhomes.homes

    hometeleport: easyhomes.home

    #/easyhomes info
    infocommand: easyhomes.info

    #/easyhomes reload
    reloadcommand: easyhomes.reload

    #/easyhomes help
    helpcommand: easyhomes.help

    #/easyhomes help
    debugcommand: easyhomes.debugpaste

    #Sign Permissions
    usesigns: easyhomes.usesigns
    placesigns: easyhomes.placesigns

    #Other permissions

    #The permission must end with a '.'. The permission will be yourperm.<number of homes players can set>.
    maxhomes: easyhomes.maxhomes.

    Worlds file:

    Go to your plugins folder, click on EasyHomes and select worlds.yml

    Code (Text):

    #The worlds where EasyHomes should work only!

    - world1
    - world2
    - world3


    You need to have a permissions plugin, such as PermissionsEX and LuckPerms to handle permissions!

    You can edit the permissions in the permissions.yml file!

    /sethome (home) - Create a home!

    /home (home) - Teleport to a home!

    /delhome (home) - Remove a home!

    /homes - See all your homes!

    /easyhomes reload - Reload EasyHomes!

    /easyhomes info - See information about EasyHomes!


    /easyhomes help - List of all the commands!

    easyhomes.maxhomes.# -
    Maximum amount of homes players can set. Replace the # with a number.


    - GUI Addon
    - Data Converter (When updating from 3.2.6 to a higher version, you need this)


    - For support, join my discord server here!
    - You are not allowed to publish this resource!

    If u have a suggestion, please private message me or place a review!

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