EasyHubUtils FREE 1.4

PlayerHide(NO PARTICLE, Fly for VIP, Speed for VIP

  1. GamingByEli

    -What does this Plugin?:
    With this Plugin you can:
    -Turn off hunger
    -Hide other Players (NO PARTICE see BetterVanish)
    - Fly-Item for VIP
    - Speed-Item for VIP
    - Shield(Comming Soon)
    - Give Items on join
    - Give Items on respawn
    - Config
    -Configurable Gamemode on join
    -Reloadable Config
    -Disable damage in worlds
    -Configure the world where you get the items on join.

    -How I install this Plugin:
    1.Download the Plugin
    2.Drop it in you Plugins Folder
    3.Restart/Reload the Server
    4.Edit the Config

    1.hub - Teleport you to the hub (/hub set set the hub) - Permission : /
    2.chu reload - Reload the config - Permission : EasyHubUtils.reload

    1.Flight-Feather | EasyHubUtils.fly
    2.Speed-Slime | EasyHubUtils.speed

    -How to use:
    Leftclick : Deaktivate the function
    Rightclick : Activate the Function

    -How I use the Config?:

    Code (Text):
    hunger: false
    damage: false
    Shield: true
    Default Gamemode: 0
    Player-Hider: true
    Fly-Feather: true
    Speed-Slime: true
    Give Items on join: true
    Give Items on respawn: true
    Clear Inventory on join: true
    EnabeldWorld1: world
    EnabeldWorld2: world2
    EnabeldWorld3: world3
    EnabeldDamageWorld1: world
    EnabeldDamageWorld2: world2
    EnabeldDamageWorld3: world3

    With hunger can you disable the hunger.
    Shield is not implementet yet.
    With Player-Hider can you disable the Player Hider.
    With Speed-Slime can you disable the Speed-Slime.
    With Fly-Feather can you disable the Fly-Feather.
    With Items on Join you can disable the join-Items.
    With Default Gamemode can jou ste the Gamemode whicj the players get on join.
    With Chear Inventory on Join you can enable to clear the Inventory on join.
    With EnabeldWorld1-3 can you enable the worlds where you get the Items
    With EnabeldDamageWorld1-3 can you enable the worlds you can disable damage.

    Please leave a Vote Updates comming soon.
    For a Tutorial comming a Update.

Recent Reviews

  1. alexdg14
    Version: 1.4
    Because same items, either through command?
    Add that option!
    1. GamingByEli
      Author's Response
      I will make a Version 2.0, your Option will be in that
  2. JordyPwner
    Version: 1.4
    Good plugin for some stuff but grammar could be better. Alotnof misstakes are made such as:
    "Comming soon" it should be: "Coming soon" also u said partice but i think u mean particle and alot more down the page
    1. GamingByEli
      Author's Response
      Sorry for my bad Englich, but I´m German ^^. A new version will come soon.
  3. LirCZE
    Version: 1.3
    Very good but if i dont wont for example feather or hider in inventory i cant. If i upraged confing, they stayed in inventory but dont go using.
    1. GamingByEli
      Author's Response
      I will fix this soon :-) Thanks for your Review ;-)
  4. Aphex
    Version: 1.3
    1. GamingByEli