EasyMessages 1.1

Customize server messages as you want from the configuration file!

  1. ZyrkRan

    General Information
    Wondering how you could modify some messages on your server without coding or programming skills? Then here's how to do it! I coded one of the most simple plugin I could think of. You don't need anything but a Minecraft Server in order to use it. It doesn't matter if you're not a PRO at configuring or managing plugins, because this is pretty simple. Configuration file even has comments and instruction on how to use it. This plugin might be "simple" but I try to bring you all high quality code for you to have a bugless plugin. Hope you like it :)

    • Allows you to change the message when a player joins or leaves the server!
    • Allows you to change the message that shows up when a player joins the server for the first time!
    • Unique player counting variable that lets you see how many players have joined your server!
    • Set a custom whitelist message!
    • It has variables such as "%player%" & "%unique%" (without quotes) that will be replaced with its own values!
    • An active developer for all kind of suggestions and ideas!
    Commands & Permissions
    • /easymessages (Shows plugin information)
    • /easymessages update (Checks if there is an update available)
    • /easymessages reload (Reload configuration file)
    • More commands will be added soon
    • easymessages.admin (Gives all permissions)
    • easymessages.update (Gives permission to check for available updates)
    • easymessages.reload (Gives permission to reload the configuration file)
    How to install
    Just drop the JAR file into your plugins folder, and /reload the server. After reloading your server, a configuration file should be generated, feel free to edit as you like!

    Configuration file example: http://bit.ly/1DAEcQh (Updated)

    If you like and enjoy my plugin, feel free to leave a comment on how do you feel about it. Share your ideas, suggest changes or report bugs! I will be adding a lot of things to this plugin. Things such as more variables, and messages options to modify! This is just the first release of what I expect to be an awesome and helpful plugin for those new server owners that doesn't know much about plugins!