EasyMobClear 1.0

Easily clear mobs from your world

  1. yamerins
    Thanks to cooltext.com for the logo!

    Easily clear all mobs, all hostile mobs, or all friendly mobs from your world or server!

    Yep, that pretty much explains in. If you use any command from the console, it will clear the specified mobs from all world on the server. If you use it in game as a player, it clears all mobs from your specific world.

    /clearall: Clears all mobs.
    /clearhostile: Clears all hostile mobs.
    /clearfriendly: Clears all friendly mobs.


    Self explanatory.

    No config.

    Planned features (if anybody asks for them):
    -Clear mobs by specific type.
    -Whatever you ask for.