EasyMotdChanger [1.8] 1.1

The easy way to change your server motd with an ingame command.

  1. megahit007
    You will change your sever motd, but you don´t want to do this every time in the config? Download my plugin! Your can change your server motd on a easier way!

    There are 3 Points you have to do:

    1. Download the plugin (EasyMotdChanger.jar) and add it into your plugin file.

    2. Start or reload the server.

    3. Type "/setmotd <1/2> <your text>" in your minecraft chat. But be carefull. You must have the Permission "emc.admin" or you´re an operator. Else you´re not allowed to perform this command!


    /setmotd 1 <your text> - You can change the first line of your motd.
    /setmotd 2 <your text> - You can change the last line of your motd.

    Alternatively you can change the motd in the config.
    (...> plugins > EasyMotdChanger > config.yml)


    When you found an error or you have ideas for me or you are unhappy with this plugin? Contact me! :)

    I hope you like my plugin :D

    Update to Version 1.1:

    + "%version%" (Shows the server minecraft version)
    + "%ip%" (Shows the server ip)
    + "%second%" (Shows the seconds of the server time)
    + "%minute%" (Shows the minutes of the server time)
    + "%hour%" (Shows the hours of the server time)
    + "%day%" (Shows the day of the server time)
    + "%month%" (Shows the month of the server time)
    + "%year%" (Shows the year of the server time)
    + "%maxplayers%" (Shows, how many people can max. join the server)
    + "%onlineplayers%" (Shows, how many peaple are actually playing on the server)
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Recent Reviews

  1. superviper1233
    Version: 1.1
    Good plugin, I really liked your code that you wrote, I will use your plugin further on my server, thanks for the plugin!
  2. BourneDev
    Version: 1.1
    I really like it! No errors and it really does take out alot of effort! Thanks for making this! It really takes out work!
  3. syberia97
    Version: 1.1
    Pls. add multiple motd, and add viblaries or animated functions
    1. megahit007
      Author's Response
      You can already make the motd colored. Use the standard minecraft color codes. And animated variables will comes in the next update. I think tomorrow :)