EasyPunishments 1.0

An easy-to-use Punishment System that utilizes an Inventory GUI.

  1. david_rosales
    Easy Punishments
    Easy Punishments is an easy-to-use Punishment System that utilizes an Inventory GUI. It tracks and saves previous Punishments with extra information (Punisher, Punish Reason, Punish Message, Date, Time). Use, edit, configure, and add Preset Punishments for Warnings, Kicks, and Bans. Search through online players, check a player's history, warn, kick, ban, and un-ban players with the click of a button. This user-friendly punishment system is a must have for every server.

    Type the basic command to open the initial search GUI. Click the Kick All item to kick all players or punish individual players by clicking their head in the GUI. You can also search for a specific player by using /easypunishments (playername). This will open their Player Info area. There you can see past infractions as well as un-ban or clear their past infractions. Click the Punish item to enter the Punishment screen where you can add new punishments to a player. The plugin currently supports only Warnings, Kicks, and Bans. The punishment reasons in the Punishment screen can be edited, configured, and added to. You can currently have a max of 16 warn reasons, 16, kick reasons, and 8 ban reasons due to inventory limitations.

    * /EasyPunishments - Basic command for EasyPunishments
    * /Punish - Alias for /EasyPunishments
    * /EP - Alias for /EasyPunishments
    * /P - Alias for /EasyPunishments

    * /EasyPunishments (Player) - Brings up the GUI for the Punishment GUI of the requested player

    * ep.ep - Basic permission that allows access to /EasyPunishments
    * ep.warn - Allows a player to use the Warn Punishment
    * ep.kick - Allows a player to use the Kick Punishment
    * ep.ban - Allows a player to use the Ban Punishment
    * ep.kickall - Allows a player to perform a Kick All
    * ep.unban - Allows a player to Un-Ban another player
    * ep.clear - Allows a player to Clear a player's Infractions (Also performs an Un-Ban)
    * ep.bypass - Exempts a player from being appearing on the Punishment Selection Screen

    To install the plugin onto your server...
    1. Stop your server
    2. Drag and drop the plugin into your plugins folder
    3. Start your server
    4. Edit the config.yml file to your liking
    5. Save the config.yml
    6. Stop the server
    7. Start the server
    8. Enjoy!

    Code (Text):

    Prefix: '&cEasyPunishments>> '
      - 'Ban;&4Grief;&fDo not grief. It is not good'
      - 'Kick;&8Hacking;&fHacking is bad. Do not do it'
      - 'Kick;&8Cyber Bullying;&fIt is actually illegal to cyber bully'
      - 'Warn;&7Breaking Rules;&fMake sure you know the rules before you break them'
    * Prefix is the prefix that appears before a warn message
    * PunishmentTypes are the punishment reasons that appear in the Punishment Screen. The format is as follows:
    The TYPE must either be Warn, Kick, or Ban.
    The REASON and MESSAGE can be custom messages you want people to see

    Video Tutorial

    Future Plans
    * Add a Page-like system to the Player Selection GUI (There are only 36 currently supported slots for player heads. Players can still be accessed via /EasyPunishments (PlayerName)
    * Ability to clear individual punishments
    * Ability to clear entire types of punishments
    * Add a Page-like system to the Punishment GUI (There are only 16-Warnings, 16-Kicks, and 8-Bans that are currently supported)
    * Add a Temp-Ban Punishment type
    * Add a Mute Punishment type

    Message From The Developer
    Having worked with Minecraft Networks in the past, I know that they have access to incredible server management plugins that make the everyday life of Staff Members easier. Having owned a server of my own before I became a developer, I know that these server management plugins are not available to everyday server owners. Therefore, I am on a mission to knock down the barrier between Networks and Everyday Servers. Everyone deserves to have a fun server where they can play with friends and still manage it as if it were a large scale server. I really hope this plugin serves as a step forward towards that mission of mine and that this plugin helps with your servers and your server aspirations. Thanks for reading this message and the rest of the plugin description. Thanks for downloading it if you do. Thanks for everything. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or issues, please comment below. Thanks again and have a nice day :D

Recent Reviews

  1. vinieeeeeeeeee
    Version: 1.0
    awesome plugin .
  2. SkylarHewitt15
    Version: 1.0
    I like it, I'm using it on my private whitelisted server and it works great for keeping track of how many warnings a player has gotten. The only thing I wish it had (and I see you are planning) is the mute punishment type and more ban options. Other than that great plugin! Keep up the good work!
  3. dotdog20
    Version: 1.0
    Its quite good, I just wish it posted in chat who got banned and why.