EasyServerReload 2.0

This plugin is to reload your server with broadcast messages!

  1. XxTheEnderGodxX
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    I will be making updates at times but wont be working on it as much because of other things like work and school.
    I will make other different plugins when I have spare time.

    From, XxTheEnderGodxX
    This plugin is still downloadable and it is for 1.8 and 1.9

    This Plugin Is A Very Easy To Use Type Of Plugin That Will Help Out Server Owners With A Big Amount Of Players Or A Server With About 5+ Players.
    What The Plugin Does:
    This Plugin Is Just A Simple Reloading Plugin That Can Reload Your Server With One Command. But What Makes It Different From Typing /rl Is That It Broadcasts A Message To All Players And Tells Them The Server Will Be Restarting In <Seconds>. When The Command /EasyReload is used, It Will Start To Countdown From 10 To 1 Warning All Players That The Server Will Be Reloading Or Restarting In A Couple Of Seconds. This Makes It Easier On Server Owners That Have To Use A Broadcast Command. When They Do Use A Broadcast Command They Sometimes Mess Up Typing And So It Might Confuse The Players, But With This Plugin Server Owners Don't Have To Worry About Making Typos and Having To Type Fast.
    A new feature! Auto reload which will reload the server after 3 hours and will keep this going every time the server is turned on, check the update 1.6 for more info!
    A new command /quickreload, is just for owners who don't want the countdown and just want an immediate reload but will still kick players!

    Upcoming Updates:

    -Look at ATTENTION above-
    Completed Updates/Fixes:

    - In v1.4 I Fixed The Plugin Permission That Was Messed Up In Coding From v1.3! (The Permission For /EasyReload Was Fixed And Changed!)

    - In 1.3 I Fixed The On Command (/EsrInfo) With No Permission, It Didn't Do Anything, But Now The Command Will Show A You Do Not Have Permission Message!

    - In v1.2 I Added An Ingame Command /EasyServerReload Version or /EsrVersion, This Will Then Tell You The Current Version Of The Plugin!

    - In v1.1 I Added A Configurable Config So You Can Edit the Countdown Colors Or Messages!

    /ReloadStop <Auto, Reload, Both>



    If You Have Any Bugs Please Comment What Your Bug Is Or Post A Screen Picture Of The Error. I Will Try To Get Back To You As Soon As Possible.

    I Am Also Open To Suggestions And Ideas, Like For Commands And What They Do.

    Also This Is My First Uploaded Plugin I Made And Hopefully This Helped Out Most People :)

    # ----->>===+{Easy Server Reload}+===<<-----
    # This is the EasyServerReload Plugin!
    # Plugin updates: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/easyserverreload.10081/
    # By: XxTheEnderGodxX
    # ----->>===+{Easy Server Reload}+===<<-----
    # Updates:
    # 1.0: First released the plugin!
    # 1.1: Added configurable config!
    # 1.2: Added two commands, /EsrInfo and /EsrVersion!
    # 1.3: Fixed no-permission message on command /EsrInfo!
    # 1.4: Fixed /EasyReload command permission!
    # 1.5: The big update! 1.9 and 1.8 Server Compatible!
    # 1.6: Auto Reload feature has been added!
    # 1.7: Added prefix to no-permission messages!
    # 1.8: Removed /EsrInfo, added a GUI for Commands, added new command, and added things to config!
    # 1.9: Added /ReloadStop, /ReloadStart, and /ReloadCheck, also added more GUI options!!!
    # 1.10: Added more config messages when disabling the timers!(More information on the site)
    # ----->>===+{Easy Server Reload}+===<<-----
    prefix: '&1&l[&b&lServer Reload&1&l] '
    config-reloaded: '&a&lThe configuration file has now been reloaded!'
    kick-prefix: '&c&l[&b&lServer&c&l]'
    no-permission-message: '&c&lYou Do Not Have Permission To Run This Command!'
    server-restarting: '&b&l&nThe Server Is Now Restarting Please Wait!!!'
    kick-while-restart: '&a&lPlease wait as the server reloads, then rejoin!'
    gui-loading: '&eThe Easy Server GUI'
    player-starting-reload: '&c&lYou have now started the reload!'
    esrversion-name: '&7&lEsrVersion'
    quickreload-name: '&a&lQuickReload'
    easyreload-name: '&b&lEasyReload'
    esrconfig-name: '&e&lEsrConfig'
    reloadcheck-name: '&6&lReloadCheck'
    reloadstart-name: '&2&lReloadStart'
    reloadstop-name: '&c&lReloadStop'
    a-reloadstop-name: '&c&lReloadStop (AutoReload)'
    b-reloadstop-name: '&c&lReloadStop (Both)'
    send-all-allow: true
    send-all: '&a&lThe timer has been disabled by &b&l<sender>!'
    send-all-allow-auto: true
    send-all-auto: '&a&lThe automatic timer has been disabled by &b&l<sender>!'
    send-all-allow-both: true
    send-all-both: '&a&lThe automatic and reload timer have been disabled by &b&l<sender>'
    timers-stopped: '&c&lThe timers have been disabled!'
    timer-stopped: '&c&lThe timer has been disabled!'
    timer-confirm: '&b&lReload timer has now been activated!'
    thirty-mins: '&3&lThe server will be restarting in &c&l30 Minutes!'
    fifteen-mins: '&3&lThe server will be restarting in &c&l15 Minutes!'
    ten-seconds: '&a&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 10 Seconds!!!'
    nine-seconds: '&a&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 9 Seconds!!!'
    eight-seconds: '&a&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 8 Seconds!!!'
    seven-seconds: '&a&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 7 Seconds!!!'
    six-seconds: '&a&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 6 Seconds!!!'
    five-seconds: '&c&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 5 Seconds!!!'
    four-seconds: '&c&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 4 Seconds!!!'
    three-seconds: '&4&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 3 Seconds!!!'
    two-seconds: '&4&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 2 Seconds!!!'
    one-seconds: '&4&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 1 Seconds!!!'
    zero-seconds: '&4&lThe Server Will Be Restarting In 0 Seconds!!!'

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    >>>>====+Plugin Rules+====<<<<
    These rules must be followed!!
    1. You may NOT decompile the plugin and look at the code!
    2. You can NOT republish or sell this plugin!
    3. You can NOT claim the plugin is yours

    >>>>====+Plugin Rules+====<<<<

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