EasyStaff 1.1-rel_sb.4

Give your staff team the upper-hand!

  1. _diam
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    EasyStaff is in active development, and may have bugs. Please leave a rating and review if you want more!


    Thank you for 100 downloads! This awesome plugin, which works for all Minecraft versions above 1.7, was built entirely for the convenience of you and your hard-working staff team! This plugin can be almost fully customized through the configuration file, and is updated every week (sometimes more often) with lots of new features! You can find a list of commands and other features that it currently offera below. If you appreciate the plugin, please make sure to leave a positive review! Found a bug or glitch? Please report it on the discussion thread on the forums!
    Coming soon: Player reports, staff GUI, & chat mentions!


    StaffChat Command
    Command: /staffchat [sc]
    Permission: easystaff.staffchat

    Allow staff members to send and receive messages between each other, invisible to other online players.

    Freeze Command
    Command: /freeze [screenshare]
    Permission: easystaff.freeze

    Allow staff members to freeze or unfreeze a player that they suspect of breaking rules (ie. a hacked client). Players with easystaff.nofreeze are exempt from being frozen. Staff also require easystaff.unfreeze to unfreeze a player.

    Info Command
    Command: /info [lookup, whois]
    Permission: easystaff.info

    Allow staff members to view the information of another player, from health to their IP address. Players with easystaff.hideinfo will automatically have their information blocked from all other players.

    Chat Command
    Command: /chat

    Permission: easystaff.chat
    Allow staff members to manage chat quickly and easily with one simple command. Arguments are mute, unmute, and clear. When chat is muted, players with easystaff.bypassmute will still be able to send messages. This command comes with individual permissions for each argument. Give players access to easystaff.chat.[mute|clear|unmute] for individual permissions, or use easystaff.chat.* for all permissions.

    Configuration File
    The plugin generates a default configuration file when it loads for the first time. Feel like changing a message? The configuration file can be found under .../plugins/EasyStaff/config.yml in your server directory. If you need a new (unchanged) copy of the config, stop your server, delete the current configuration file and start your server again. If that does not work, or if you experience other issues with configuration, consider updating your plugin and using the newest version of the file, which can be found below.
    Code (Text):

    # Last updated by _diam @2017-06-02 5:59 PM EST
    # Please leave a friendly rating and review! :)
    # https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/easystaff.41568/
    # You can use &0-9 &a-f color codes in messages!
    # The {prefix} variable only uses PEX.

    author: "_diam"
    prefix: "&3[&bEasyStaff&3]&7"

        format: "{prefix} {player}&7:&f {message}"
        prefix: "&c&lSTAFF&f"

            chat-cleared: "&c&nChat has been cleared by &7&n{prefix}{player}&c&n."
            chat-unmuted: "&a&nChat was unmuted by a staff member."
            chat-muted: "&e&nChat was muted by a staff member."
            chat-already-muted: "Chat is already muted! Try /chat unmute."
            chat-not-muted: "Chat is not currently muted! Try /chat mute."
            chat-is-currently-muted: "&cChat is currently muted. Try again later!"
        # Other messages begin here:
        # (These messages are for commands and such)
        no-permission: "&cYou do not have permission to do this!"
        specify-message: "Please enter a message to send!"
        specify-player: "Please specify a player!"
        player-not-found: "That player is not online!"
        # Freeze command messages
        successfully-frozen: "You have successfully frozen {player}."
        successfully-unfrozen: "You have successfully unfrozen {player}."
        cannot-freeze: "&cYou cannot freeze that player!"
        already-frozen: "That player is already frozen!"
        you-have-been-unfrozen: "You have been unfrozen by a staff member!"
        you-have-been-frozen: "You have been frozen! Click below within 60 seconds."
        screenshare-link: "&eScreenshare link: &bComing soon!"
        # Info command messages
        info-hidden: "&cThis player's information is hidden."

    Coming soon
    - Player management commands (ie. ban, kick, mute, warn)
    - Maintenance mode whitelist command
    - Staff 2fa login system
    - Reporting players using a GUI
    - Helpful commands for players (ie. vote/website links)

    Experiencing major issues? Report them right here for a quick patch!

    By downloading, using, or owning a copy of this plugin, you agree to the below terms.
    I. This is a copyrighted work and may not be distributed, modified, copied, or altered in any or form without explicit permission from the plugin's author.
    II. This work may not be sold or traded for monetary value of any kind.
    III. Modification of this work is strictly disallowed, and may result in legal action being taken. Please request a custom copy instead.
    IV. Concerns about this plugin go directly to the plugin's development page for the author to address. You will not spam the author.
    V. The user is responsible for damages that may be caused to property and/or data. This plugin's author is not responsible for any damage(s).
    VI. The plugin's author reserves all rights to this plugin, including the right to request that you return your copy of it to them and to make changes without informing users in any manner.
    VII. Removals, additions, and any other unapproved changes or edits to this plugin may not be made without explicit permission from the author, regardless of reasoning.
    VIII. This plugin may be used as an API for another project without permission from this plugin's author, however credit must be given by the second-party user.

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  1. Bug Fixes
  2. Released rel_sb.2
  3. New commands!

Recent Reviews

  1. WTappinq
    Version: 1.1-rel_sb.3
    Hey! This is a pretty neat little plugin, and it works pretty well on my Spigot 1.8 server. Could you please add /kick and /ban please? Keep it up!
    1. _diam
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I appreciate the feedback! As I stated below, kick and ban commands are on their way! :)
  2. xXsTAYmADsKIDXx
    Version: 1.1-rel_sb.3
    This is a really good plugin! I use it on my faction server and the mods love it and it works really well!

    PS: pls add kick and ban and a gui for chat command! thx!
    1. _diam
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the response! I'm glad that EasyStaff works so well for your moderators! Commands for kick, ban, mute, and (possibly) a GUI for /chat are coming very soon! Stay tuned! :)