EasyTickets 1.6.2

An easy to use ticket system with many advanced, and fully configurable features.

  1. Raum
    * Note, this is not a 'new version' - Just migrating over from BukkitDev

    Easy Tickets - An easy to use ticket system with many advanced and fully configurable features.


    * SQLite or MySQL database availability for maximum compatibility with any server
    * Escalate tickets to different, permission based groups
    * Configurable, persistent reminders to players with open tickets that need responses/more info
    * Reminders to all ticket-responders (Mods, admin, devs, etc) of any open tickets

    How does it Work?

    The main command for this plugin is /ticket, also aliased to /et. All options assume you either created the ticket, or you have the permission to modify it.

    • new - Create a new ticket
      • open - alias of new
    • list - Show all open tickets
    • delete - Remove a ticket
    • reply - Send a reply/additional message to a ticket
    • close - Close an opened ticket
    • status - Force the status to a certain state
    • take - Claim a ticket
    • assign - Assign a ticket to another group
    • tp - move to the ticket location
    • notes - add, remove or view notes set on a player

    ** More to come on this section **

    The Configuration
    * Yes, this formatting is ugly. Will work on different formatting for Spigot later. :p
    debug: false // Display debug messages - mainly for bug testing
    maxTickets: 5 // How many tickets can a person have before it will not allow any more
    maxLevel: 2 - // How many levels, for Ticket Transfer/Promote
    openReminderTimer: 10 // How often to remind of open tickets
    loginReminder: true // Show ticket info to players when they log in
    autoDeleteDays: 7 // How many days should a ticket be closed before auto-deleting?
    loginReminderDelay: 10 // How often, in minutes, to remind of tickets if loginReminder is true
    autoTeleport: true //Automaticallly teleport to a ticket when it is claimed
    allowUnassignedReply: false //Allow staff who isn't assigned to respond to a ticket
    autoDeleteInactive: 14 //How long before deleting inactive tickets
    returnLevel: 1 // What level is allowed to use /et return

    useSQLite: true // default - Use SQLite
    useMySQL: false //Recmmended - Use MYSQL - Must use the remainder of the options below
    dbname: DBName
    host: localhost
    port: 0 // Leave 0 for default port.
    user: yourLogin
    password: [email protected]
    prefix: easyticket_
    '1': Moderator // Name of "Level 1" - Just for display purposes
    '2': Admin // Name of "Level 2"- Just for display purposes
    configVersion: 3 // Don't touch this. ;)
    quickOpen: false // Remove the need to use "/et new" - It will automatically open a ticket when "/et" is used.
    listSyntax: '&F%num%) %status% &f(%level%) &3%claimed% &7%text%' // The format for ticket lists


    All permissions are driven, as of v1.0, by "et.level.#" - # is the level, starting with 1, that is staff that will be handling tickets. Recommendations are Level 1 = Mod, level 2 = Admin, Level 3 = Owner

    To Do
    * Ticket ReAssign
    * Ticket search, by keyword, author, or responder

    Bugs & Features
    *To report any bug, or request any new features, use the Ticket System, via the above tab. (Currently no ticket tracker available ... how ironic)

Recent Reviews

  1. Rudomeister
    Version: 1.6.2
    Thanks for letting the Ticket plugin live. Sometimes the more simple a plugin are, the better there is. Function is just what it's supposed to do. Thanks! :)
  2. frizzbee30
    Version: 1.6.2
    fantastic plugin, very easy to use and flexible. Just needs the MySQL issue fixing and will be 5 stars!