EasyTpBook 1.16-1.0

Easy teleport system with books

  1. xelatercero
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
    If you have some idea feel free to comment!

    This is a simple plugin that allows to save locations in a book.

    The locations are saved in a paper , then you can store this paper into a book that can be crafted.


    This is the book that stores the locations : 4 Ennder Eyes , 4 Empty Maps, 1 Book and Quill


    This is the paper that stores the locations : 1 Paper , 1 Ender Pearl


    • 1 - First of all you will need to craft the book.
    • 2 -Then with a tp paper type the command /etb name {and here the name of the location} ex: "/etb name home".
    • 3 - Now with that same paper shift + right click a block to save that location
    • 4 - With the book in your main hand , shif + left click to open the "Location Editor" , here you can place up to 36 tp paper.
    • 5 - Once the paper is stored , with the book in your main hand , shif + right click and you will open the locations panel , and now just click any paper to get teleported.
    • Another feature that the tp paper has is the ability to tp yourself and all entity aorund you in a 5x5x5 radius. To do this you just need to follow the step 2 and 3 , but this time instead of saving the paper , just shift + drop the paper (sifht + q).

    • Any for now , probably will add a give command with permissions

    • /etb name [name]: set the name for the location to save.
    • The papers can be used for any player . If player gives his paper to another player and this one store the paper in his book he can use it too.
    • Player can re-use the same paper to store another location.
    • If You miss something please feel free to sugest ideas.
    Next Update:
    • Player can slect what entity will be teleported with the area tp!
    • Player can execute "/etb give" to get a tp book

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