EasyTutorials 0.3n

Create tutorials so everyone knows how to use a feature of your server!

  1. Nemo_64
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    • 1.13
    • 1.14
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    EasyTutorials, a plugin create tutorials easily so everyone knows how to use a feature of your server!
    This plugin is still under development and there are a lot of features that I want to add.

    Creating a tutorial:
    To create a custom tutorial go to the tutorials folder and create a new file with format .yml (The file name will be the name of the tutorial and also its id). Then edit the file. Now you have some optional lines and a not-optional line.
    Optional lines:

    • permission: By putting this option you are selling to the plugin "The players need this permission to use this tutorial". The tutorial permission can't have spaces.
    • not-enough-permission-message: Is the message that the player will get if he tries to run the tutorial but he doesn't have enough permissions.
    Not-optional line:
    • actions: This is a list with all the instructions. Every line is an instruction, here you can configure the message, sound, partice, tp and delay between messages. This has a structure: ticks;parameters;message

    ticks: Is a natural number with the amount of ticks that that instruction will wait when the last instruction ended (20 ticks = 1 second)

    • SOUND: SOUND_NAME(VOLUME,PITCH): Plays a sound to the player. The volume and the pitch are optional.[EXAMPLE: SOUND:ENTITY_VILLAGER_TRADE, this will reporduce to the player the sound ENTITY_VILLAGER_TRADE]
    • PARTICLE: PARTICLE_NAME(AMOUNT): Creates a particle where the player is. The amount is optional. [EXAMPLE: PARTICLE:ENCHANTMENT_TABLE(100), this will play the enchanting table particle on the player position with 100 as the amount of particles]
    • TP: TP(WORLD_NAME,x,y,z,yaw,pitch): Teleports the player to that position. Yaw and pitch are optionals. If you don't want to change one of the coordenades you can use "same" [EXAMPLE: TP(same,same,100,same) this will teleport the player only in the y axe to 100 blocks]. You also can insted of changing a coordenade, add to that cordenade with ~ [EXAMPLE: TP(same,~5,same,same,~20,~-20) this will add 5 to the x coordenade, 20 to the yaw and subtract 20 from the pitch]. You also can teleport the player to the position where the player started the tutorial with "original" [EXAMPLE: TP(original)] or to its bed with "bed" [EXEMPLE: TP(bed)] if the players doesn't have a bed, he will be teleported to the spawn point of the world where he is.
    • ECONOMYADD: ECONOMYADD(amount to add): NEEDS VAULT INSTALLED ON THE SERVER. Gives to player the specified amount of money [EXAMPLE: ECONOMYADD(100.5) adds 100.5 of money to the player]
    • ECONOMYREMOVE: ECONOMYREMOVE(amount to remove): NEEDS VAULT INSTALLED ON THE SERVER. Removes from player the specified amount of money [EXAMPLE: ECONOMYREMOVE(100.5) removes 100.5 of money from the player]
    • ECONOMYSET: ECONOMYSET(amount to set): NEEDS VAULT INSTALLED ON THE SERVER. Sets the money of the player to the specified amount of money [EXAMPLE: ECONOMYSET(100.5) sets to 100.5 the money of the player]
    • RUNCOMMAND: RUNCOMMAND(command): Makes the player run a command [EXAMPLE: RUNCOMMAND(money) will make the player use the command /money]
    The last is the MESSAGE parameter. Everything after it will be sent to the player.

    You can see an example of this in the example tutorial. This tutorial will be created the first time you use the plugin. If you need it to appear you can use /easyTutorials createTutorialExample.

    Code (YAML):
    #Argumento to stop a tutorial
    : stop

    #Check for an update when a
    #op player or with permission
    #joins the server
    : true

    #Eable bStats when the plugin starts
    : true

    #Change the file with all the messages
    : "english.yml"

    • arguemnt-to-stop: Is the argument needed to stop a tutorial. It can't have spaces
    • check-update-on-join: If enabled, the plugin will check for an update when a op player or with permission easyTutorials.checkUpdateOnJoin joins the server
    • use-bStats: Enable bStats when the server starts
    • messages-file: Change the file with all the messages. The file must exist in the lang folder

    • tutorial <tutorial id>: Starts tutorial
    • tutorial <argument to stop>: Stops a tutorial. Change the argument to stop in the config
    • easyTutorials reload: Reloads the plugin
    • easyTutorials checkUpdate: Check for an update
    • easyTutorials reloadTutorials: Reloads all the tutorials
    • easyTutorials info: Gives information about the plugin
    • easyTutorials createTutorialExample: Creates the file with the example tutorial
    • easyTutorials.checkUpdateOnJoin: When joins the server, if enabled in config, the plugin will check for an update
    • easyTutorials.comands.tutorial: Allows to use the /tutorial comand
    • easyTutorials.comands.easyTutorials: Allows to use the /easyTutorials comand
    • easyTutorials.comands.easyTutorials.reload: Allows to use the /easyTutorials reload comand
    • easyTutorials.comands.easyTutorials.checkUpdate: Allows to use the /easyTutorials reload comand
    • easyTutorials.comands.easyTutorials.reloadTutorials: Allows to use the /easyTutorials reloadTutorials comand
    • easyTutorials.comands.easyTutorials.info: Allows to use the /easyTutorials info comand
    • easyTutorials.comands.easyTutorials.createTutorialExample: Allows to use the /easyTutorials createTutorialExample comand

Recent Updates

  1. Multi-language file suport
  2. New parameters
  3. Update checker