EasyVillager - Make Trading Easier 1.0.0 #Beta

Make easier to exchange items with villagers (1.7-1.8)

  1. NotNull
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    EasyVillager is an add-on that facilitates your trade with villagers. To use it, simply SHIFT-CLICK while in the villager inventory, and your item will automatically move to the appropriate compartment so you don't have to put them in one by one.

    easyvillager.use - Required to use plugin (Permission)

    If you find any vulnerabilities or have any problems, you can contact me on discord.(NotNull#0001)

    EasyVillager currently only supports 1.7-1.8 versions, very soon, it will be supported up to 1.16.

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Recent Updates

  1. 1.7.10 Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Mahcuette00
    Version: 1.0.0 #Beta
    Very helpful plugin but I found and contact you in discord can you fix it and when can you fix ?
    1. NotNull
      Author's Response
      Thanks for reply I will fix it soon
  2. xWasabi
    Version: 1.0.0 #Beta
    This add-on very nice and very useful. NotNull is very claver and very helpful. I love NotNull .
    1. NotNull
      Author's Response
      Thanks for Reply