EasyWarp 1.5.4

To warp yourself to a location created from Players

  1. Alfonso505
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:

    • Added the warpRequest features
    • Added new Custom messagies system
    • Changed the default messagies


    Use this plugin to teleport yourself to certain points of the map and the world using warp


    • /warp: You can use this command to warp yourself. (The list of warp is stored in a yaml file in the EasyWarp folder)

      /setwarp: Performing this command you can set the warp with your courrent location and with the name you want.

      /delwarp: Use this command to delete a warp

      /warps: Use this command to show the list of all warp

      /warpto: Use this command to warp yourself to another player

      /warpRequest: | Send a request to another player

      /warpaccept: | Accept a pending request

      /warpremove: | Remove a request that you sent

      /warpno: | Decline a pending request

      /warplist: | Show a list of requests

      /warphere: | Send a warp request to you to another player


      /delwarp | /dw

      /warp | /ww

      /setwarp | /stw

      /warpto | /wp

      /warpRequest | /wp

      /warpaccept | /wpa

      /warpremove | /wpr

      /warpno | /wpn

      /warplist | /wpl | For now is in testing

      /warphere | /wph