EasyWarps 1.3

An easy to use plugin to make warps without essentials!

  1. KingOfDoom2
    KingOfDoom2, Wouter_MC

    This plugin is made for people who want to be able to set warps and teleport to them without using essentials. This plugin only requires a permission plugin. There are 3 simple permission nodes: warps.setwarp, warps.warp.<name of the warp> and warps.warp.others.<name of the warp>. You do need to give the permissions for every warp. Installation is very easy, you just need to put the plugin into the plugins folder, reload the server, set the permissions and your done. Ignore the config.yml file, this is where the warps are stored. If you want to set a warp, use /setwarp <name>. If you want to teleport to a warp, use /warp <name>. You can also teleport other people to a warp with /warp <playername> <warp>. If you want to delete a warp, simply delete it in the WarpData.yml file. If you use essentials, don't use this plugin as it will conflict with essentials.

Recent Reviews

  1. Combustible
    Version: 1.3
    I used this plugin for a long time. It works pretty well, and I like it. But it didn't work for me in 1.13, and was missing a few features like tab complete and /back. I wrote a very similar plugin for 1.13, called Epic Warps, which you can also find here on Spigot.

    I don't mean to poach - this is a great plugin. Just not currently usable for 1.13. Mine isn't useful for versions older than 1.13 - so I still recommend this for your simple warping needs.
  2. RNC
    Version: 1.3
    This still works for 1.11.2, a great resource for any minecraft server without essentials or any fork of that plugin. Although you haven't been active, I'd like to see a cooldown for the warps as an optional.
  3. Xenoyia
    Version: 1.0
    Works, very useful for people who want warps but don't want a bulky plugin like Essentials. May I suggest individual permissions for different warps? That could be a very simple matter of giving each warp a unique name (maybe a number ID) and checking for warps.warp.<warpname>.
    1. KingOfDoom2
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback! I'll try to implement this feature in the next update :)