Eavesdropper 2.1!

Eavesdropper listens to certain world events such as Chat, Death, Egg Throw, Player Joins, etc.

  1. TheAzsassin
    Want your server to greet and equip new players? Handel death events? Stop griefer's from destroying your world? (Especially with chickens) Censor and or stop Swearing/Cursing in your server? Don't want all those permissions or Configurations? This plugin is just what you need!

    Eavesdropper 2.1 Has been sent in for Approval!
    It is not 2.1 just yet! Very soon!

    What does it do?

    This plugin listens to certain player events such as joining the server, player deaths, egg throws, etc. and handles them a certain way. This plugin can be used to keep the server in shape as well. This will keep your job of keeping your server spotless easier, No Commands (except info-about-plugin command), No Configuration, and No Permissions needed!

    Features of Eavesdropper
    The Current Features list is subject to change!

    • Greets New & Returning Players
    • Gives New Players a Stone Pickaxe, Stone Sword, Stone Axe, 4 Apples, and a Workbench
    • Stops eggs from hatching and notifies the "egg thrower" with a kick warning
    • Saves a player's EXP Level when they die
    • Blocks Swears/Censors curse words and sends a warning message to the sender.
    Future Features
    All Future features that may or may not be added go here!
    • Firework launch when a player joins - Confirmed
    • Keeping some items upon death - Unconfirmed
    • Making Join Kit editable - Unconfirmed
    • Join Books???(Will be editable) - Unconfirmed
    Youtube Video Showcasing This Plugin
    This is a video, by me, showcasing the plugin!

    /edinfo - Gives a description and a bit of info about the plugin

    There is none! No config needed!

    Also, there is none! No permissions required, all players should be able use the info command!

    Bugs Reports and Comments
    • If you have a bug to report, Ticket the plugin! Do not comment bugs in the comments.
    • If you have issue's or a question, PM me! Do not comment your issue's or questions in the comments.
    • If you want to comment positive things about the plugin or suggestions, comment! Do not comment negative response's about me, the creator, or the plugin, Eavesdropper.

Recent Updates

  1. Eavesdropper has been Updated!