EazyTab v1.0

Tab header and footer

  1. 123keelos
    Tab header and footer

    Compatible with only 1.8 and requires ProtocolLib 3.6.x

    Click the link if u have a protocol Spigot 1.7 - http://bit.do/Yn59

    Planned Features:

    - Add more options
    - Animated tab
    - Add placeholders


    Email -
    [email protected]
    MC Server -
    MC Server Info - http://bit.do/kcraft2
    Skype - Mr123keelos
    PMC - 123keelos_
    Bukkit - 123keelos or 123keelos_


    Click this link to donate - http://goo.gl/VjVN7e


    Hello, I make plugin as you can see. I make simple ones. I can make or edit a plugin for you but it'll cost you a small amount. Just PM, Email or Skype me if you are interested. Remember small plugins not HUGE. I only just started making them

Recent Reviews

  1. Tsetsi
    Version: v1.0
    Dont work for my server why? Im on 1.8 ?
    1. 123keelos
      Author's Response
  2. McIsTheLimit
    Version: v1.0
    Dude, your server isn't up.. :( but good plugin ^_^
    1. 123keelos
      Author's Response
      My server is up bcuz its not alwa up. I dont hav a host for the server so ya. In CANADA time, it will mostly open in the weekend and friday