eBackup - Simple and reliable backups for your server! Supports FTP/SFTP! 1.2.0

The easiest and simplest way to backup your server reliably! Free, and supports FTP+SFTP!

  1. 1.2.0 - Add support for compression levels, backup process locks, and fixes

    • Added compression-level config option, if you'd like to use it with an existing config, add the setting in manually (look at the main page example)
    • Added locks for backup processes, so that you don't accidentally start simultaneous backups
    • Fixed ignore list with worlds
    Please enjoy :)
  2. 1.1.4 - Fix for old MC versions, and prevent backups when plugin is disabled

    Minor update:
    • Fixed plugin not starting with old versions of Minecraft that do not have proper Metrics (it now ignores metrics)
    • Prevent backups from starting when the plugin is disabled (it used to error out anyway)
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  3. 1.1.3 - Critical fix for 1.16


    This update contains a critical fix for 1.16 worlds not being backed up. For some reason the Bukkit API changed somewhat in the folder that it gives.

    Please upgrade ASAP if you are using 1.16.
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  4. 1.1.2 - Fixes for servers running on Windows

    This is another bug fix release.

    This release fixes issues with world folders being hidden with backups created on Windows in Windows zip archivers.
  5. 1.1.1 - Skip broken files

    This is a quick fix that makes backups occur regardless of there being certain problematic files. It will skip those files, and print an error, rather than erroring out and stopping the backup.
  6. 1.1.0 - Full cron implementation, option to delete backup after upload

    Hey everyone,

    This update now has a complete cron implementation, allowing for the use of other cron features, such as step operators. On the server startup, as well as with /ebackup reload, you can now see a description of your configured cron task. The option delete-after-upload was also added to the config (you have to manually add it if upgrading).
  7. 1.0.6 - Fix for worlds in other folders from default

    Quick fix for backups on servers that have worlds in directories other than the default.
  8. 1.0.5 - Added key based authentication for SFTP and reload command


    This update adds key based authentication for SFTP. In order to use it, you will have to manually add the config keys. Refer to the default config.yml on the front page.

    The /ebackup reload command was also added.

  9. 1.0.4 - Fix for Windows systems

    This is a quick fix for Windows zip archivers not being able to see files other than the world in backups.
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  10. Fix FTP

    Hey everyone,

    This update fixes FTP support.
    Thanks to @marco12en3 for submitting the pull request!