EcLipTnT 2015-07-15

Simple TNT Crafting In One Command

  1. RobertoDraws

    What is it:

    EcLipTnT is a simple /tnt plugin that uses all the gun and sand in your[​IMG] inventory[​IMG] to make tnt. You can use this as a donator rank special or just use it for everyone in general. It was frist made to be put on the EclipticNetwork. (Still In Beta)

    How to Setup[​IMG]:
    To Set up EcLipTnT you drag the .jar plugin into your[​IMG] plugins folder and reload[​IMG] or restart[​IMG] your server. Test if it works if not contact me on Skype: RobertoDraws

    - ecliptnt.use

    - /tnt

    Hope you have fun with the plugin. If you run in to problems feel free[​IMG] to msg me on skype: ChadwickRob. Or if you want a custom plugin specific to your server.

    Thanks[​IMG] RobertoDraws