eco ⚡ Simplify Spigot Development 6.0.6

Simplify spigot development - Powerful 1.16.5+ API

  1. Auxilor
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:

    Plugin Information

    - Requires ProtocolLib to be installed: get the latest version here
    - Supports 1.16.5+



    # Information for development

    eco is a standalone plugin, so you will need to install it on any servers that have plugins which depend on it,
    and specify it as a dependency in your plugin.yml:

    Code (Text):
      - eco
    eco is available from any of these places:

    - GitHub
    - Build it locally

    Get from JitPack:


    Code (Text):
    repositories {
            maven { url '' }
    Code (Text):
    dependencies {
            compileOnly 'com.willfp:eco:Tag'
    Replace [code single]Tag[/code] with a release tag for eco, eg [code single]6.0.0[/code].


    Code (Text):
    Code (Text):
    Replace [code single]Tag[/code] with a release tag for eco, eg [code single]6.0.0[/code].

    Build locally:

    Run the following commands in your terminal of choice.

    If you're on windows, you will need to have git bash installed.
    Code (Text):
    git clone
    cd eco
    ./gradlew build
    # Features

    Here's a list of some (not all) of the features of eco:

    - Command system with subcommands
    - Reworked config system
    - JSON Config Support
    - Client-Side item display
    - World drop system
    - Event manager
    - PlayerJumpEvent
    - ArmorEquipEvent
    - EntityDeathByEntityEvent
    - NaturalExpGainEvent
    - Plugin extensions (Plugins for plugins)
    - GUI System
    - Integration system for external plugins
    - Anticheat support
    - AAC
    - Matrix
    - NCP
    - Spartan
    - Vulcan
    - Antigrief/Combat support
    - CombatLogX (V10 + V11)
    - FactionsUUID
    - GriefPrevention
    - Kingdoms
    - Lands
    - Towny
    - WorldGuard
    - mcMMO support
    - Custom Items support
    - Oraxen
    - PlaceholderAPI support
    - NMS Proxy / Wrapper system built in
    - Custom Items system
    - Crafting Recipe handler
    - Tuples
    - Support uploading to / downloading from hastebin
    - Packet System (via ProtocolLib)
    - Dependency Injection systems
    - Prerequisite system
    - API additions (via utility classes)
    - Get bow from arrow
    - Break a block as a player
    - Get a vein of blocks
    - Create 2D lists
    - Create NamespacedKeys safely
    - Random number, distribution, roman numerals
    - Set skull texture
    - Format all strings
    - Hex Support
    - Gradient Support
    - Placeholder Support
    - Get a scoreboard team from any color
    - Telekinesis (Drops straight to inventory) system
    - More vector options
    - Update checker
    - bStats integration
    - Reworked systems for:
    - NamespacedKey
    - MetadataValue
    - Runnables / Scheduling

    ... and a lot more!

    ## License

    *Click here to read the entire license.*


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Recent Reviews

  1. Jxyy
    Version: 6.0.5
    after downloading 50+ egirls joined my server.
    10/10 would recommend. great plugin.

    - Please don't update this like 10 times a day it's annoying
    1. Auxilor
      Author's Response
      oh the updates aren't meant to be fast on eco, it's just launch pains - should be all ironed out now
  2. Uxon
    Version: 6.0.4
    After downloading this plugin my server immediately became more charismatic. Thanks for the Oraxen support :)
    1. Auxilor
      Author's Response
      you're welcome! thanks for letting everyone use oraxen items in crafting recipes :)
  3. Jxyy
    Version: 6.0.1
    after downloading 50+ egirls joined my server.
    10/10 would recommend. great plugin.
  4. kuzuki
    Version: 5.7.1
    I want to use eco to run ecoenchants on my server,so i download eco5.71-all,and my server is spigot 1.16.5 and my java is java1.8.0_291,but it does not work. (server error said eco has been complied by a more recent vertsion?)
    1. Auxilor
      Author's Response
      You need java 16
  5. Sknhpil
    Version: 5.5.0
    Hello, I have to explain to you that the restrictions on foreign links in my country are very serious. I asked my friends and searched on the Internet, but there were no results!The reason to evaluate one star is to contact you. I hope you can forgive me.
  6. Cu_huang
    Version: 5.3.7
    I'm running a tuinity 1.16.5 Server with your Eco and EcoEnchants. The server's tps is now below 12 with around 30 players, while without the two plugins it can run at 19.9+tps.

    The timings reported that your NaturalExpGainListeners(PlayerExpChangeEvent event) occupied a total of 32.15% runing time and is the main reason of lag.

    The report link is and the report is here:
  7. JustSomeGuy
    Version: 4.2.3
    Gave me an extra 3 inches as soon as i got it, my income has increased by 10x. 10/10 plugin would recommend
    1. Auxilor
      Author's Response
      Does that for me too
  8. GoldenMidas
    Version: 4.2.3
    All of Auxilor's plugin are 100% worth your buck and the dev (Aux) is VERY fast to launch updates, even though he manages to make 5 plugins work perfectly all by himself
  9. SrFirox
    Version: 4.2.3
    Muy buen complemento! uso esto para los plugins creados por Auxilor y todo va de maravilla!
  10. 68B
    Version: 4.2.3
    Eco made my depression go away! 10/10 plugin would recommend to anyone wanting to be epic!