eco 5.3.0

External API plugin for Auxilor plugins

  1. Auxilor
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    eco - Library for spigot plugin development.
    Requires ProtocolLib to be installed: get the latest version here

    Required by these plugins:
    • EcoEnchants
    • EcoBosses
    • Talismans
    • StatTrackers
    • EcoArmor
    And many more to come!

    You can make your own plugins against eco, but this is mainly here to provide a download link for users who run eco-based plugins. (And why would you write against eco? It's made to fit some very specific requirements)


Recent Updates

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  3. 5.2.0 Changelog

Recent Reviews

  1. JustSomeGuy
    Version: 4.2.3
    Gave me an extra 3 inches as soon as i got it, my income has increased by 10x. 10/10 plugin would recommend
    1. Auxilor
      Author's Response
      Does that for me too
  2. GoldenMidas
    Version: 4.2.3
    All of Auxilor's plugin are 100% worth your buck and the dev (Aux) is VERY fast to launch updates, even though he manages to make 5 plugins work perfectly all by himself
  3. SrFirox
    Version: 4.2.3
    Muy buen complemento! uso esto para los plugins creados por Auxilor y todo va de maravilla!
  4. 68B
    Version: 4.2.3
    Eco made my depression go away! 10/10 plugin would recommend to anyone wanting to be epic!
  5. Derek181
    Version: 4.2.3
    This resource messed up the vanilla enchant mechanics on my server. The author is rude. I wouldn't trust any eco plugins.
    1. Auxilor
      Author's Response
      This is a library and doesn't touch enchantment mechanics in any way, shape, or form.
  6. LiterallyEmperor
    Version: 3.3.0
    Updating to the last dev build of ProtocolLib and it works.
    A little misunderstanding.