ecoDrop [ADVANCED MONEY DROP] *very cheap* 9.6

NOW SUPPORTS 1.9! Get money from mobs, players, block, fishing, etc.! Fully customizable!

  1. Zedgar
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Do you want to get money from killed mobs and players or destroyed blocks? If answer is yes, then this plugin is for you!


    • Fully customizable!
    • Really simple to use
    • Multiversion support
    • Automatic update checker
    • Everything can be translated and recolored in language.yml
    • Support for mob/player killing and also block destroying
      • mobs.yml and blocks.yml, commandsDrops.yml
      • Also supports fish catching, sheep/mushroom cow shearing and animals breeding
    • You can drop reward drops via command /ed Drop
    • Mob rewads file contains every mobtype!
      • Including Villagers proffesions, Elder Guardian, all baby mobs and much much more!
    • Custom sounds after reward pickup
    • Spawn effects after reward drop
    • Set custom percentage chance of reward drop
    • You can set event multiplier via /ed Event
    • You can also set negative min and max options to fine players
      • If player have no money to pay this fine let's execute some commands for ex.: /kill %player% or /jail %player%, be creative ^^
    • Every mob spawn type can be disabled in mobs.yml
      • For ex.: If you don't want to drop rewards from spawner mobs just set SPAWNER to false
    • Permission multipliers
    • Also support for PvP
      • You can set money stealing, etc.
      • See PLAYER in mobs.yml to setup rewards
    • Dropped reward can be every material ingame!
      • It also can have custom name
    • You can disable it
      • per world
      • in WorldGuard regions
      • in MobArena
      • in Creative mode
    • DeluxeChat placeholders
      • %ecodrop_total_rewards% - Per player total collected rewards
      • %ecodrop_current_event_multiplier% - Shows current /ed Event value multiplier
    • MVdWPlaceholderAPI placeholders
      • {ecodrop_total_rewards} - Per player total collected rewards
      • {ecodrop_current_event_multiplier} - Shows current /ed Event value multiplier
    • MythicMobs support avalaible, mythicMobs.yml
    • Custom drops with commands, check commandsDrops.yml!
    • And much more!

    Mobs reward

    Blocks reward

    Hoverable lists (/ed MobRewards, /ed BlockRewards, /ed MythicMobsRewards)

    Help command (/ed help, /ed)

    • Base command is /ecodrop, aliases are /ed, /edrop, /ecod
    • <> - REQUIRED, [] - OPTIONAL
    • /ed Reload (Permission: ecodrop.reload)
      • Reloads the configuration
    • /ed Drop <amount> [world] [x] [y] [z] (Permission: ecodrop.moneydrop)
      • Drops <amount> of money on the ground.
    • /ed Clear (Permission: ecodrop.clear)
      • Clears every money drop.
    • /ed Update (Permission: ecodrop.update)
      • Checks for plugin updates
    • /ed MobRewards (Permission: ecodrop.mobrewards)
      • Shows hoverable mob rewards list.
    • /ed BlockRewards (Permission: ecodrop.blockrewards)
      • Shows hoverable block rewards list.
    • /ed MythicMobsRewards (Permission: ecodrop.mythicmobsrewards)
      • Shows hoverable MythicMobs rewards list.
    • /ed ToggleBlockLogging (Permission: ecodrop.toggleblocklogging)
      • Toggles block logging for you, placed blocks if block logging is disabled can drop rewards (from blocks.yml)
    • /ed Event Start <multiplier> [date] (Permission: ecodrop.event.start)
      • Start event multiplier
    • /ed Event End [date] (Permission: ecodrop.event.end)
      • End event multiplier
    • Permission for pickup drops is ecodrop.pickup
    • - For double money drop (basic reward×2)
    • - For triple money drop (basic reward×3)
    • ecodrop.bypass.creative - Bypass check if disabled-in-creative-mode is true
    • ecodrop.updatecheck - Sends update notification on player join

    • This plugin uses Metrics, to track anonymous data about servers using this plugin. It will help the future developement. But you can disable it in plugins/PluginMetrics, set opt-out to true
    • If you want to set decimal values for min and max rewards you must use . (dot) instead of , (comma)
    • No refunds

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Recent Updates

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    Version: 9.6
    Download pls!
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  2. Fynnx
    Version: 9.6
    The drop spawns but when i pick it up it dont desapier and i have unlimited Money. Thats really terrible.
  3. p82183645
    Version: 9.6
    How to download .
  4. Donston75
    Version: 9.6
  5. delta15
    Version: 9.6
    Great plugin You've just mastered that. your plugin build my server perfect. I've never seen anyone do it better!
  6. Arko93
    Version: 9.5
    There is no update for 1.10 and even the authors website is down. I think this horse is dead. A Refund would be nice...
  7. Gu7h1x
    Version: 9.5
    Author is not active. Last compatible Minecraft version with this plugin is 1.9.2 and I can't upgrade server.
  8. Elioz
    Version: 9.5
    Seems like the author is not active, the plugin not working with the lastest version of mythicmobs and for some reason, it using .db file which increase to huge size (700mb) and i'm waiting to answer from the author about this question for 1 week, it's ok if he is in vaction or something but at least, put a message in your profile.
  9. Z3ktrix
    Version: 9.5
    Love the idea and how awesomely customization it is but, I get dupes going on all the time. spams the console with errors
    I had put on my server then had to take it off immediately. luckily i made a back up!
  10. gold604
    Version: 9.5
    Best author i ever seen on the Spigot. Great plugin! Thank you sooooooo much for this plugin.. :)