eCommands 1.5

Server commands Broadcast, Clearchat, Mutechat, Coords

  1. coderlib
    So this plugin has a series of commands wich could be helpful to your server and moderators such as:
    Broadcast: Broadcast mass messages to players
    Clearchat: Clears all the chats for all the players in the game
    Mutechat: Mutes the chat so players can't speak
    Coords: Shows coords to koth or landmarks on the map

    Broadcast: broadcast.use
    Clearchat: clearchat.use
    Coords: Main.coords
    commandsreload : core.reload
    help: help.command
    promote: promote.use /promote <player>

    Upcoming updates
    Adding config today. √
    Adding reloadconfig √
    Working on Loggers √
    working on other updates √
    added Promotestaff √
    Adding more commands

    Please leave sugguestions on the plugin below and tell me what i can improve

Recent Reviews

  1. DrPiggy
    Version: 1.5
    Pretty useles. Anwyay: The premssions are broken, by that I mean, if you have one permission, you can use all. Also when ever using the promote command, the console throws an NPE, if you even knows what that means. I think you should debug your plugins before uploading them to spigot.
    1. coderlib
      Author's Response
      Well considering that plugin was coded like 2 years ago ik its shit but when you code a deathban plugin that shit then dont comment on my work