Economy Bank 1.16.4

[1.7.10 - 1.16.5] MySQL or FlatFile Economy Bank System using signs.

  1. brunyman
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    A simple economy bank system, that store data in MySQL Database or Flat File system. Banking transactions are made using signs, but also features admin commands to check/set other players accounts.

    Do you want to save players data (Inventory, Enderchest, Money, Health, Exp and more...) on MySQL database? Or sync players data across servers? Then check out my other plugin:
    [​IMG] MySQL Player Data Bridge
    Do you want to save Essentials data on MySQL database? Or sync Essentials data across servers?
    Then consider checking out my other plugin:
    [​IMG] Essentials MySQL Storage Extension

    • Premium UUID and Offline UUID support.
    • MySQL Database or Flat File Data Storage.
    • Supports any Economy system that works with Vault.
    • Uses TitleManager to add fancy action bar messages when doing banking transactions.
    • Sound effects when using the bank system.
    • Particle effects when creating bank signs.
    • Processed economy number display for easy reading ex: 1,000,1260.50
    • You can customize everything, chat prefix, messages, sign display.
    • Can work on the same database as our plugin MySQL Economy Bridge
    • Features interest options.
    • You can access players bank balance using PlaceholderAPI, check placeholders below.

    • Vault - Download
    • Any Economy system compatible with Vault
    • (optional, only needed on 1.7 and 1.8 for action bar messages) TitleManager - Download
    • (optional, only needed for placeholders) PlaceholderAPI - Download
    Install instructions
    • Place the plugin in the server plugins folder. Make sure you have an economy system installed and Vault, optional TitleManager on 1.7 or 1.8 servers.
    • Start the server to generate the config, then stop the server.
    • Open the config and configure the plugin.
    • Start the Server. Done, enjoy.

    Create Banking Signs
    To create/remove signs you need permission: MysqlEconomyBank.admin

    Balance signs:
    Shows the current Player Balance
    1. [Bank]
    2. balance
    3. empty
    4. empty
    Deposit signs:
    Deposits <AMOUNT> money.
    1. [Bank]
    2. deposit
    3. <AMOUNT>
    4. empty
    Withdraw signs:
    Withdraws <AMOUNT> money.
    1. [Bank]
    2. withdraw
    3. <AMOUNT>
    4. empty
    <AMOUNT> format example: 1000 | 20 | 20.5 | 20.25

    • MysqlEconomyBank.use - Default true - Allows the use of banking signs
    • MysqlEconomyBank.admin - Default to OP - Allows to create/remove banking signs and use admin commands.
    • MysqlEconomyBank.cmd.interest - Default to OP - Access to /bank interest command.
    • MysqlEconomyBank.cmd.balance - Default to OP - Access to /bank balance command.
    • MysqlEconomyBank.cmd.deposit - Default to OP - Access to /bank deposit command.
    • MysqlEconomyBank.cmd.withdraw - Default to OP - Access to /bank withdraw command.
    • /bank ; /bank help ; /meb ; /meb help - Will display the help page
    • /bank reload ; /meb reload - Reloads the config.yml file. Requires permission MysqlEconomyBank.admin
    • /bank balance ; /meb balance - Check your bank balance. Requires permission MysqlEconomyBank.cmd.balance
    • /bank withdraw <amount> ; /meb withdraw <amount> - Withdraw money from your bank. Requires permission MysqlEconomyBank.cmd.withdraw
    • /bank deposit <amount> ; /meb deposit <amount> - Deposit money to your bank. Requires permission MysqlEconomyBank.cmd.deposit
    • /bank balance <name> ; /meb balance <name> - Check a players bank balance. Requires permission MysqlEconomyBank.admin
    • /bank set <name> <amount> ; /meb set <name> <amount> - Set a players bank balance. Requires permission MysqlEconomyBank.admin
    • /bank deposit <amount> <name> ; /meb deposit <amount> <name> - Deposit money to a player account. Requires permission MysqlEconomyBank.admin
    • /bank withdraw <amount> <name> ; /meb withdraw <amount> <name> - Take money from a player account. Requires permission MysqlEconomyBank.admin
    • /bank interest ; /meb interest - Check countdown to next interest. Requires permission MysqlEconomyBank.cmd.interest
    PlaceholdersAPI integrated placeholders:
    %economybank_balance% - Returns the players bank account balance.

    Configuration Example:

    Other useful info

    Banking signs interaction
    Supports right and left click, and to prevent spamming a cooldown option that can be adjusted in the config.

    Removing banking signs
    To remove the bank signs you must crouch then left click the sign to destroy it and have the admin permission.

    You can enable interest in the config file, by default is disabled. You can configure the interest amount and time. The interest will be given only to online players, so offline players won't get rich being inactive. Also this helps reducing the server load. The interest task is running on a separate thread so server performance will no be affected.

    MySQL Data Storage
    By default the plugin will use the FlatFile storage, so you need to go to config and enable it and set the database details. Note that you need to create the database then the plugin will create the tables when the server starts. The tables structure is the same as our plugin MySQL Economy Bridge so you can use them together. Example setup: We use MySQL Economy Bridge on all our mini games servers to create a single economy system, but on survival servers as we needed a local economy system we use this plugin and set to the same database so players can withdraw money earned playing mini games.

    FlatFile Data Storage
    A similar Flat File storage system like the popular Essentials plugin. The plugin will create a folder near the config file called Accounts, each player that has a bank account will have a file to store his bank balance.

    It should work with any economy system that is compatible with Vault, it was tested with Essentials Economy and latest Vault and latest TitleManager plugin.

    If you like this resource and want to say thank you with a donation please use this PayPal button. Thanks!

    This plugin is made by CraftersLand Minecraft Community.
    :) Feel free to check us out at:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tim210805210805
    Version: 1.16.4
    Not good /bank set is the both permission with /bank balance!!! player can give a lot of money
  2. glob03
    Version: 1.16.4
    I've been using this plugin for a few years, it has proved to be very stable and reliable, it's obvious the author has put a lot of work into it. However recently have added a menu to it, using RockyHawk's excellent Command Panels, however, I'm stuck on the "withdraw all" option, when I get the bank balance, it is formatted with commas to look nice, but I need to remove the commas to pass this amount back to the withdraw command, is this possible? Thanks
  3. luispradoangel2
    Version: 1.16.4
    This plugin doesn't work at all don't waste your time downloading it you'll just uninstall it later.
  4. sSIgorSs
    Version: 1.16.4
    Trash, no option for GUI, no discord server for the support! If you don't wanna have a cringe server with signs saying [WITHDRAW] then this is not for you
  5. NeoApexYT
    Version: 1.16.4
    Pretty good plugin, could use a little more though. For example something like a deposit everything, half, 25% and same with withdraw. Also good placeholder, just an idea but could also use the ones that vault do, like the formats. Otherwise great!
  6. iggjsijgpsd
    Version: 1.16.4
    OK, I have an idea. I will give you 5 stars if you add on signs


  7. Captain_Cock
    Version: 1.16.4
    First of all, great plugin! I really enjoy simplicity of it, and the texts and sounds all make it feel slick (not to mention its efficiency). However, I leave 4 stars and not 5 because I feel there are a couple of things that this plugin is missing that would make it PERFECT.

    A lot of players on my server also requested a lot of the following.

    Please consider these suggestions:

    1) As an owner, a command to view that total bank balance of the server would be great. Basically, a sum of every player's bank balance, so I know how much money is being stored on my server. Ex: /bank totalbalance?

    2) A command to view a list of players with the highest bank balance (Much like /baltop for Essentials). This is one a lot of my players want the most.

    3) A way to take and give money to a specific players balance like "/bank add 500 player" or "/bank remove 2500 player". This would add more ways to adjust a player's bank account rather than relying on only "/bank set amount player".

    4) If you're not aware, players that do not have money in their bank account will still get an interest message that just says "+0.00". This is because players automatically get a bank account opened upon joining, which is fine, but perhaps provide a way in the config where a interest notification doesn't appear if a player has $0 in their bank?

    Otherwise, great plugin and I recommend it to all servers that are economy driven. If I seemed critical, it's because I enjoy this plugin and I wish it had the final touches it deserves to be a perfect banking plugin.

    I look forward to updates on this plugin.
    Anyway, cheers!
  8. Franki5612
    Version: 1.16.4
    please add the extension of the Bank

    that is, the player has a bank size of 500,000, but he can buy the extension for the game currency

    thank you for the plugin
  9. emanstress
    Version: 1.16.3
    How do i create player's bank account? i tried /bank set playername but it says player doesnt have bank account. please help me
    1. brunyman
      Author's Response
      It's created when the player joins, because it also needs it's player UUID to register the account in the database
  10. AJ552_Miky
    Version: 1.16.3
    There's an option to set multiple interest percentages? I have more than 1 bank and a function like this could be really useful!