Economy++ 1.7.6

Complete EcoSystem | Mob & Animals Kill money •Sign Shop • Job system • Salary

  1. Added Update Checker and bug fix

    Update checker
    /economy update - Check if there is an update. (economy++.update)
    Console message
    ► Join message - If player is OP or has the permission (economy++.update) you get a message if there is a new version!

    Debug permission
    ► Added permission to /economy debug (economy++.debug)

  2. Add new commands and fixed bugs!

    • /resetalljobs
    - Reset all player jobs!
    PERMS: economy++.resetjobs

    /setworld <world> - Set the specified world to economy world, only in this world the plugin should work!
    PERMS: economy++.setworld

    Bug Fixes:
    • Remove error message in jobs screen
    • Fixed salary time
  3. Added Commands and bug fixes!

    /payall <amount> - Pay money to all online players.

    Bug fixes:
    Fixed some language mistakes.
  4. • Added Salary • Fixed Errors • More efficiency in code •

    • Added salary to the plugin, in the config.yml you can enable & disable salary. Also you can set the amount of salary, its the same for everyone. And you can set every how many hours the salary is payed!
    /salary - Salary help CMD

    Bug & Error fix
    Error in /economy debug is now fixed.
    • Error with buy sign is now fixed.
    • Re-organised the code for optimal usage.
  5. Added new command & Bug fixes


    /job delete <player> - Delete a player job.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Buy / Sell sign errors in console
    • Fixed the permission message
  6. A lot of bug fixes (Shop sign ID, removed console errors & More)

    Bug Fixes:

    Now you recive money for killing Animals & Mobs
    • Sign shop ID will work now, (E.G: 95:4)
    • Removed console error if you killing mobs or animals
    • Now you recive money if you join the server (if the option is enabled)
  7. Added animal kill money, fixed console error

    Get money if you kill animals.
    • Configurable in Config.yml

    No more errors in the console if a entity (mob) kills another entity (mob)
  8. !! Buy & Sell sign bug fix !!

    Bug Fixes:
    • Buy & Sell signs works now without bugs!

    If you find a bug, PM me!
  9. New: Set custom configurable payments for jobs!

    In this update the following thing is new:

    Now you can set your custom payments for job skills in the config.yml
  10. INSANE UPDATE || Complete Job System || INSANGE UPDATE

    Complete job system
    Miner - Earn money with mining blocks
    • Farmer - Earn money with harvest seeds, carrots and potatos
    • Woodcutter - Earn money with cutting trees and shears leaves

    Bug Fixes:
    • Text errors
    • missed $ characters

    Warning: Copy the old config.yml & playerdata.yml and paste it in the new data files!!!