Economy++ 1.8.1

Complete EcoSystem | Mob & Animals Kill money •Sign Shop • Jobs • Salary • 1.15.* support

  1. Bug Fix & New Features

    We added the following things


    - Changed the whole plugin color theme

    1.16 Compitable
    - The economy++ plugin is now full 1.8 -> 1.16 compitable

    We fixed the following bugs

    Set world
    - /setworld is now working on every minecraft version.

  2. New features & Bug Fixes

    We added the following things

    - We can monitor how many server using our plugin and where, for privacy statement:

    - Create a ATM sign
    - Line 1: [atm]
    - Check your balance
    - Pay to other players
    - Create cheque's

    - Create a cheque in the ATM machine...
  3. Big News & Important Information

    Hi Everryone,

    There are a few problems with the Buy & Sell signs, the reason is, Minecraft doesn't support no longer Item ID's. We will add fast as possible the complete minecraft item list to our code and fix the signs with item names instead of item ID's.
    Until that time, the Buy & Sell signs are removed from the plugin, our apologies for this.

    But we have also good news!
    We added the following things,
    Multiple world support (/setworld <world>) and it will...
  4. 1.15.* SUPPORT | External software to get player data

    Finally we supported 1.15.* Minecraft Servers.
    The plugin can now be used on the following MC Server versions:
    - 1.8.*1.9.*1.10.*1.11.*1.12.* 1.13.*1.14.*1.15.*...
  5. UPDATED TO 1.14.4 | Titles | EntityDeath bug jix & More

    Hi Everyone,

    The plugin is finally updated to 1.14 / 1.14.4

    Whats new in this update:
    - 1.14 support
    - Titles by account resets
    - Bug fixes in EntityDeathEvent ( Mobs & Animals)

  6. Added Update Checker and bug fix

    Update checker
    /economy update - Check if there is an update. (economy++.update)
    Console message
    ► Join message - If player is OP or has the permission (economy++.update) you get a message if there is a new version!

    Debug permission
    ► Added permission to /economy debug (economy++.debug)

  7. Add new commands and fixed bugs!

    • /resetalljobs
    - Reset all player jobs!
    PERMS: economy++.resetjobs

    /setworld <world> - Set the specified world to economy world, only in this world the plugin should work!
    PERMS: economy++.setworld

    Bug Fixes:
    • Remove error message in jobs screen
    • Fixed salary time
  8. Added Commands and bug fixes!

    /payall <amount> - Pay money to all online players.

    Bug fixes:
    Fixed some language mistakes.
  9. • Added Salary • Fixed Errors • More efficiency in code •

    • Added salary to the plugin, in the config.yml you can enable & disable salary. Also you can set the amount of salary, its the same for everyone. And you can set every how many hours the salary is payed!
    /salary - Salary help CMD

    Bug & Error fix
    Error in /economy debug is now fixed.
    • Error with buy sign is now fixed.
    • Re-organised the code for optimal usage.
  10. Added new command & Bug fixes


    /job delete <player> - Delete a player job.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Buy / Sell sign errors in console
    • Fixed the permission message