[ECOT] EnderChestOnlyTake 2.0

Prevent players placing items in Enderchests

  1. Navisan
    This plugin prevent player for placing items in enderchests.

    Create with the purpose of enable players use their enderchest in worlds with different gamemodes, without affecting the item balance between them.

    An example it would be having a creative world and survival mode, and don't let players take creative items to a survival world through their enderchest.

    Also It can be use to shop purpose in minigames that clear inventory on join. Just give/sell items in a lobby, an place enderchests in the lobby and minigame's arenas. They can use the items they buy without taking in-game items with them.

    • Worlds where the players can place items (make this way because a famous skywars plugin create worlds with random names, so it is better tell where the plugin dont effect placing than where it do).
    • Custom message that display when player try to place into an blocked inventory.
    • reload config command.
    ecot - For using any commands.
    /ecot - Show plugin details and the description of the reload plugin.
    /ecot reload -Reload plugin configuration file.
    Code (configyml (Unknown Language)):
    #message: Message that is going to display when the player try to place in an invalid world(don't use 'message')
    message: You can't place items in the EnderChest
    #worlds: Worlds were players can place items in the enderchest (Caps sensitive)
    - world
    - exampleworld

Recent Updates

  1. Renamed, colormessage and fixed bypass