Edit Armor Stands 1.3.6

Edit poses, options and items of Armor Stands. With GUI for the Armor Stand inventory!

  1. Phoenix616
    [​IMG] Made in Germany with love (and beer)
    Did you ever wanted to set the pose of an Armor Stand without using the clunky summon command's syntax for it? Or do you want to give your players the ability to pose or name their Armor Stands? Give them arms? Make them small? Then this is the plugin you've been looking for!

    EditArmorStands will introduce a new command with which you can edit all the options Armor Stands introduced and which were not easily accessible in Survival Minecraft.

    Use the latest development build for 1.16+ support!

    The plugin features two editing modes:
    One with which you select the Armor Stand you want to edit via the /eas command and then apply all further commands onto that or the other mode in which you simple run the option's command and rightlick the Armor Stand you want to apply the command to. Both modes are usable alongside each other without the need to set a config option making it possible to work however you like.


    Inventory GUI
    This plugin also contains a GUI for the Armor Stand inventory. Players with the permission editarmorstands.openinventory can access it. You can bypass the GUI if you sneak and use the Vanilla armor stand interaction. The GUI has slots for all the armor items and both hand slots.

    The GUI also features the armor slots of the player and armor can be switched quickly with the corresponding slot by simply shift clicking on the item in the armor slot.​


    Programming is time intensive and I would really appreciate your support!
    So if you can afford it or make commercially use of this plugin feel free to buy me a beer.
    Patreon with rewards: Patreon
    Paypal: https://s.moep.tv/donate
    Ðoge: D7G4Svo7GTNHpuhjwUBj2k7qANnZHwYD4p
    BTC: 1EXMFRknc7kLwCmM1zf5LXNnPD4ihVCEhQ

    /editarmorstand (Alias: /eas) - Rightclick an Armor Stand in the next 10s to use it in editing mode
    /eas persist - Enter persistent mode to rerun the same command on each Armor Stand click

    /eas exit - Exit the editing mode or the persistent mode
    /eas name <name> - Set the Armor Stand's name, use & for colorcodes
    /eas items - View and edit the Armor Stand's inventory

    /eas [namevisible|gravity|visible|base|arms|size] - Toggle the option
    /eas move <x> <y> <z> - Move the ArmorStand, use ~ for relatives.
    To move it onto another block take a look at the permissions!

    /eas rotate <degree> - Rotate the whole armor stand
    /eas <bodypart> [pitch|yaw|roll] <degree> - Set an angle, use ~ for relatives
    /eas <bodypart> <pitch> <yaw> <roll> - Set all angles of a body part at once, use ~ for relatives
    Available bodyparts: head, body, leftarm, rightarm, leftleg, rightleg. (Short forms: h, b, la, ra, ll, rl)
    By default no player will have any permission to use this plugin
    editarmorstands.* - Gives access to all EditArmorStands features

    editarmorstands.user - A collection of permissions you might want a normal user to have
    editarmorstands.command.* - Gives access to all EditArmorStands commands
    editarmorstands.nametag.* - Gives access to all NameTag options
    editarmorstands.nametag.name - Allows a player to name Armor Stands via rightclick with a nametag
    editarmorstands.nametag.name.colored - Allows a player to use colored names via nametags
    editarmorstands.nametag.name.clear - Allows a player to clear the name of an Armor Stand with an empty nametag
    editarmorstands.place.name - Allows a player to name an armor stand by placing a named item
    editarmorstands.place.name.colored - Allows a player to name an armor stand by placing a named item
    editarmorstands.openinventory - Allows access to the item inventory by rightclicking on the armor stand. (Vanilla behavior is available via sneaking while clicking)

    editarmorstands.command.items - Allows opening of the gui via a command

    editarmorstands.command.name - Allows a player to set the name of an Armor Stand via command
    editarmorstands.command.name.colored - Allows a player to set colored names
    editarmorstands.command.namevisible - Allows a player to make custom names visible
    editarmorstands.command.vulnerable - Allows a player to make an Armor Stand invulnerable/vulnerable
    editarmorstands.command.gravity - Allows a player to turn gravity on/off on a an Armor Stand
    editarmorstands.command.visible - Allows a player to make an Armor Stand visible/invisible
    editarmorstands.command.base - Allows a player to make an armorstands base visible/invisible
    editarmorstands.command.arms - Makes it so a player can gie/remove arms from an Armor Stand
    editarmorstands.command.size - Allows a player to change the size of an Armor Stand

    editarmorstands.command.pose - Allows a player to pose the Armor Stand
    editarmorstands.command.move - Allows a player to move the Armor Stand
    editarmorstands.command.move.nextblock - Allows a player to move an armorstand onto the next block (only 1 block at the time)
    editarmorstands.command.move.unlimited - Allows a player to move an armorstand unlimited blocks away


    - Copy/Clone function Implemented since build 81
    - Set riding
    - Presets
    - Translate player position


    The source is available on GitHub.


    Dev builds can be found on the Minebench.de Jenkins.
    Other Resources
    This resource is distributed under the terms of the GPLv3.
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