Edit Armor Stands 1.3.6

Edit poses, options and items of Armor Stands. With GUI for the Armor Stand inventory!

  1. 1.3.6 - Fix persistent mode

    • Fix /eas persist mode not working
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  2. 1.3.5 - 1.11 Binding enchantment support and internal changes

    • Added support for the Binding enchantment in the inventory gui. Before that players could remove their bound armor via an Armor Stand
    • Some internal changes and fixes (see the github commits for all changes)
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  3. 1.3.3 - Gui fixes and error sound

    • Allow placement of blocks on Armor Stand heads
    • Fix some issues with swapping of items
    • Add an error sound to indicate to the player that he is not allowed to execute an inventory action in the gui or place an item type into a slot
  4. 1.3.2 - 1.9 Update (Offhand support)

    • Updated to 1.9 - Added support for items in the offhand. (Still compatible with 1.8)
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  5. 1.3.1 - Inventory Gui Update

    • Naming of Armor Stands via Anvil
    • Add ability to move Armor Stands via command
    • Persistent mode replaces the old 10s timeout after each command outside of the single editing mode
    • The plugin now features a GUI player can access by running either /eas items or by rightclicking (while not sneaking) on the Armor Stand itself (depending on the permissions)
      Please note that this is an experimental feature and that it might contain item duping/deleting bugs with some...
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