EditConfig 1.0

Edit the config.yml file of any plugin on your server!

  1. yamerins
    Easily Edit Any Value of Any Path for Any Plugin's config.yml File

    Easier than ever before, you can now change your config setup ingame without reloading your entire server!

    Commands for this plugin can be run either from the console or in-game.

    /cedit: Brings up a list of the commands in this plugin and how to use them.

    /cedit set <Plugin> <Path> <New Value>: Sets the config section at the specified path to the specified value for the specified plugin. That was a mouthful.

    As it is described under the help menu:
    /creload <Plugin>: Reloads the config.yml file for the specified plugin!


    cedit.use: Allows the sender to use any command that starts with /cedit.

    cedit.reload.config: Allows the sender to use the /creload command.

    Config File Options:
    ReloadOnEdit: If it is set to true, it will reload the config.yml file of the plugin that is being edited after the change occurs.

    Planned Features:
    - Editing of any file in the specified plugin's datafolder
    - Create new config sections/deleting them
    - Support for lists

    If you find any bugs, let me know. Don't leave them as a review, post them on the discussion page. Thanks!

Recent Reviews

  1. Miles
    Version: 1.0
    Very useful plugin for testing plugins. The only caveat is if the plugins load their config data at startup for caching purposes, in which case the reload feature will not work.