EditSign 1.2.3

Edit signs by clicking them!

  1. Benyou
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Edit signs by clicking them, it's as simple as it should be!

    • editsign.* - Give access to the following permissions
    • editsign.edit - Allow a player to click-to-edit a sign
    • editsign.color - Allow a player to use colors in a sign
    • editsign.place-copied - Allow a player to place a cloned sign

    ⚠️ If you encounter any issue, please report it on the GitHub repository. ⚠️
    Issues reported on Spigot will NOT be taken into account.

    • Add support for land-owning plugins (Factions, etc.)
    • Add control middle-click to copy a sign DONE
    • Add support for Bukkit 1.9+ DONE
    • Add support for Bukkit 1.12+ DONE
    • Add support for Bukkit 1.13+ TESTING NOW
    • Get ready for Bukkit 1.17

Recent Updates

  1. Patch - 1.2.3
  2. Patch - 1.2.2
  3. Patch - 1.2.1

Recent Reviews

  1. TheCraytor
    Version: 1.2.2
    Little confused, so its
    CTRL + Middle click to copy a sign
    how on earth do i edit a sign?
    Ive tried everything.
    1. Benyou
      Author's Response
      Have you tried right-clicking the sign you just placed?
  2. Just_Al
    Version: 1.1.1
    damn i love this plugin..... I'm saving sh1tloads of time with my signs.... That last option of copying the sign with the nbt tag.... Just one CTRL click and the magic happens.... It's freaking awesome!!!! Thanks for this great plugin
  3. dzinson
    Version: 1.0.2
    If you have some problems choosing what words is the best to use on you're signs like me this plugin is perfect. It's not just a command to execute sooooooooooo obvisouly usefull if not a MUST HAVE :)

    ++ : plugin français!
  4. Just_Al
    Version: 1.0.2
    Finaly a simple light plugins that works without any command or fony trick... Got plenty of road signs to edit on my server and this plugin already saved me sh1tloads of time ! Thanks for your work !!! I'll drop you some tip on your patreon in a couple of days! Have for a beer on me !