Effect Boots-Plugin by CraZyFlame 1.8.x

An Effect Boots Plugin by CraZyFlame

  1. CraZyFlameDEV
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Effect Boots Plugin by CraZyFlame
    This is an Effect Boots Plugin, you can use it on your lobby for your premium users!

    Here you can see the GUI: [​IMG]

    Here you can see the Villager:[​IMG]


    /boots ---> To open the GUI
    /spawnvillager ---> To spawn the Villager

    boots.buy ---> This Permission you need if you klick on a Boots and he can use it, if he don't can use it, it says he must buy it at the shop!

    boots.open ---> To open the GUI

    boots.spawnvillager ---> To spawn the Villager with the Command!

    If you want more Boots or more configuration say it me! I will make a Message or a Display Conifguration if you need it!

    My Server: mc.gaminghunter.eu
    Website: gaminghunter.eu
    TS³: ts.gaminghunter.eu

    I am a german, sorry for my bad englisch :c

Recent Reviews

  1. RobotPlays
    Version: 1.8.x
    Schlechte boots unordentlich programmiert der Name wurde geklaut.
    .............................. 100 Zeichen -.-
    1. CraZyFlameDEV
      Author's Response
      Guten Tag RobotPlays, das ist ein altes Plugin, ich hole da noch ein neues Update raus! Bezüglich des Namens, nein dieser wurde nicht geklaut!