EffectSigns 1.0

Bind effects to signs for users to click!

  1. Straysify
    EffectSigns allows sever administrators to create signs which when clicked, give the user the specified effect.

    When a user clicks a sign with an effect on it, they are given the effect listed on thef sign, for the duration provided, and the amplifier. Note that it is an amplifier, not the level of the effect, so putting Strength 0 would actually give Strength 1.

    Creating a sign
    Creating a sign is simple. Place a sign, and put the following:
    Line 1: [Effect]
    Line 2: Effect name
    Line 3: Duration(in seconds)
    Line 4: Amplifier(minimum of 0, maximum of 255)

    Here's an example, which gives users who click on the sign Strength III for 60 seconds.


    /EffectSigns: Shows the current version.
    /EffectSigns reload: Reloads the configuration.

    effectsigns.use: Allows users to use effect signs.
    effectsigns.destroy: Allows users to destroy effect signs.
    effectsigns.create: Allows users to create effect signs.
    effectsigns.cooldown.bypass: Allows users to bypass cooldowns.

    Installation is simple, simply drag the plugin jar into your server's plugins folder, restart your server, and configure away. You can use /effectsigns reload each time you edit the config, rather than restarting/reloading the entire server.

    If you run into any issues, send me a private message, and I'll help resolve it as quickly as I can. Please provide as many details as possible, like what you do to cause the issue, how I can replicate it, your spigot version, etc.

    - Compiled against Java 1.7
    - Doesn't require any other plugins to run​