eFlame - Windows 1.0.3

The application part for Windows of the client side anticheat system

  1. Lubenica

    This is the application part for Windows of the client side anticheat system named eFlame. You can download the plugin part of the system for your server here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/eFlame.17071/

    Note: this does not function for itself, it is on of the three parts of the eFlame system (the plugin, main server and the application). So you have to use that when you are entering a server which is using this system (which has installed the plugin)

    Please read more about the system (plugin) on the above mentioned link.


    eFlame is a client-side anticheat system which eliminates cheaters on a Minecraft server with ease. Players are being checked client side, which means the checks are not done on the server which results zero lag to the server.


    The server is always running the latest plugin version.
    IP: (online mode is set to true)
    Server provided by Nitrous Networks


    This application can be run on any version of Windows and it is compiled for 32bit OS. (so it works both on 32bit and 64bit Windows).


    Please, reviews are not for reporting bugs nor for asking help. You can contact me via PM for that!
    Please don't rate the resource if you don't know what it is and how to use it (again, this is one of the three parts of the client side anticheat system, you can use this application for entering a server which is using this system/plugin)
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  2. 1.0.2
  3. 1.0.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Gasha
    Version: 1.0.2
    Amazing application and plugin
    Amazing developer, very friendly
    He is also from Croatia like me which is very rare
    This is definitely best anticheat ever
    I recommend anyone using it ❤
  2. MattiGB
    Version: 1.0.1
    Plugin is not working.

  3. ffff2
    Version: 6.0.0 BETA 2

    I don't know why peoples could pay 15$ for this piece of crap that doesn't even work properly. Their server is down almost every single days and the developer has already abandoned this project.

    You will be guaranteed not get any response from the author.

  4. SomeonePIX
    Version: 6.0.0 BETA 1
    I use this and test this leaked version and official one from my friend and this is realy crap solution and one of the worst thing you want to have on your server. So annoying and stupid. You even dont have any Lite version for users who want to test it before Buy that crap . Sorry Lubenica, i like Lubenica :D
  5. Shakur
    Version: 5.4.7
    Not woking..Cannot open it on windows XP (unknown)..also my friend cannot open on windows 8 (unknown) and some other friend on windows 10 (because of bit defender)...however its working on windows 7..developer should work more with this plugin
    1. Lubenica
      Author's Response
      You haven't even contacted me...
  6. Hancock666
    Version: 5.4.7
    Work, but nothing editable
  7. DarkCrawler
    Version: 5.4.7
    Not translatable..not editable, all users of this anticheat must use same name FPMC, what if someone wants to use name of their server for anticheat, to people be more trustful, now everyone thinks this is virus, and also nothing is editable..it sucks
  8. arijan221
    Version: 5.4.7
    Looks awesome! Was planning on doing something like this for my own private survival server, but i dont have to go trough that anymore! Awesome! And these guys under me are hating cuz they dont know how much time has put into this project. :D
  9. Trinity01010
    Version: 5.4.7 BETA 2
    very simple downlod file is not editable
    No picture editable
    No name editable
    No nothing
    when you add those features i will remove this rate and rate again with 5 stars..
    plugins is okay but this is big no no, i saw people in discussion thread asking for that feature half year make it soon so i can give you 5 stars and you will get more buyers..
    1. Lubenica
      Author's Response
      Giving one star just because you can't edit the application is pointless. Thanks
  10. deanomus
    Version: 5.4.7 BETA 2
    where is the plugin download? this is don't free? lol bad


    1. Lubenica
      Author's Response
      No, the plugin is not free. You could have read the overview page before posting this meaningless review.