EGGDrop 1.15.1

Spawn Eggs

  1. MrGermanLP1000
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    This Plugin will give the Player that Killed for Example a Pig a chance to get a Pig Spawn Egg.

    You are able to Change Messages, Chance and Egg Ammount.

    The Config path for pig looks like this:

    Code (Text):
    PIG_SPAWN_EGG_SubTitle: '&7Spawn Egg found: &6PIG'
    PIG_SPAWN_EGG_MSG: '&7You found a Spawn Egg: &6PIG'
    PIG_SPAWN_EGG_Chance: 99
    PIG_SPAWN_EGG_Drop_Amount: 1
    You can Also Change Sound when you dropped a Egg.

    Default it looks like this:

    All dropable eggs are: [Pig, Chicken, Cow, Donkey, Ocelot, Sheep, Rabbit, Squid, Wolf, Dolphin]

    Extras: You can Edit all Messages (This Includes the Prefix!)
    And you can Reload the Config with: /Eggdrop reload
    The Permission for this Command is: Eggdrop.reload
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Recent Updates

  1. Version Update & Infos
  2. Plugin Update
  3. Villager added.

Recent Reviews

  1. Nik1800
    Version: 1.15.1
    How about adding all types of mobs to the plugin? That would be really cool ;)))
    1. MrGermanLP1000
      Author's Response
      Im Working on it :)
      But i will make it an other way.
  2. llwinchesterll
    Version: 1.14.4
    It would be interesting if you add the option to drop only 1 egg type and that this spawn egg from a random mob including a boss, as with ragnarok's dead branches
    1. MrGermanLP1000
      Author's Response
      can you message me privat, what exactly you mean? my englisch is not that good, so dont understand it at all
  3. Intrudium
    Version: 1.13.2
    Its an awesome working and looking plugin but could you maybe add villager spawn eggs?
    1. MrGermanLP1000
      Author's Response
      The Villager is now added.
  4. tobikd1
    Version: 1.13.2
    Good plugin!! That is great plugin for my server. I would like the plugin to be extended to all types of monsters that would be perfect.
  5. DED_Y
    Version: 1.13.2
    Looks like a good plugin, try to add some more features such as choosing the particles, more mobs, a permission like this:
    eggdrop.droprate.<amount> so owners can give this perm to donors so they get more chance and more.
    A great project that could become very cool for any server!
    1. MrGermanLP1000
      Author's Response
      Thank you. I will think how to implement it. Maybe in the Next Version it is implemented.