*EggWars* 4.6.1

Remastered EggWars plugin

  1. Bemvindo
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Source Code:
    This is a good EggWars plugin for your Server
    Languages Supported:

    /ew join <arena name>
    /ew leave
    /ew lobby
    /ew randomjoin
    /ew forceStart

    Setup Commands

    /ews tpArena
    <Arena name> - Teleports you to an arena​
    /ews setMainLobby - sets the main lobby
    /ews createArena <Arena name> - Creates an arena
    /ews removeArena <Arena name> Removes an arena
    /ews toggleEditMode <Arena name> - Toggles an arena edit mode
    /ews addTeam <Arena name> - Adds a team
    /ews removeTeam <Arena name> - Remove the last team created
    /ews setLobby <Arena name> - Sets arena lobby
    /ews setCenter <Arena name> - Sets arena center
    /ews setTeamEgg <Arena name> <Team number> - Sets team's egg
    /ews setTeamSpawn <Arena name> <Team number> - Sets team's spawn
    /ews setTeamRespawn <Arena name> <Team number> - Sets team's villager
    /ews setCountdown <Arena name> <Number> - Sets start arena countdown
    /ews setGameCountdown <Arena name> <Number> - Sets start game countdown
    /ews setFullCountdown <Arena name> <Number> - Sets the countdown when the arena is full
    /ews setMaxPlayersPerTeam <Arena name> <Number> - Sets max players per team number
    /ews setTime <Arena name> <Number> - Sets the arena time
    /ews setMinPlayers <Arena name> <Number> - Sets min players number to start
    /ews teamList <Arena name> - See all arena's teams
    /ews cloneArena <Arena name> <New name> - Clones an arena
    /ews toggleOldMode <Arena name> - Toggles the old mode of an arena

    Permissions [That normal people needs to play]

    - eggwars.command.join

    - eggwars.sign

    - eggwars.command.lobby

    - eggwars.command.leave

    - eggwars.command.globalchat

    If I mis something say it in the comments below

    This wil anyway work in 1.9 maybe higher but that chance that it will works is 50% chance

    Subcribe to my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxvj5m7kPWhxvSd5LqNmoaw?view_as=subscriber

    Here is a tuturial video:


    1. Dragon_Egg_JE1_BE1.png

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