EhAntiBot 1.0

Block bots from spamming on your server efficiently

  1. Lucas
    EhAntiBot it's a simple plugin to block bot attacks efficiently in your server, not causing lag in each IP checking.

    With this plugin it is possible to block bot spam blocking their ip, which often uses proxy, it is also possible to block IPs based on their location.

    EhAntiBot comes with a huge proxy IPs list that are used to attack the server, but if it has no effect, you can make a whitelist of countries that the players plays.

    Works on Spigot or BungeeCord


    • /ehantibotreload - Reload settings
      • (ehantibot.reload)



    If you have suggestions, you'll be happy to add
    • Se você encontrar mais lista de proxy utilizado por outros programas de bot, por favor, compartilhe que eu adicionarei na configuração padrão.
    • Se voce tem sugestões, estarei feliz em adicionar
    • Apenas juntos podemos acabar com esses ataques.

    • If you find more proxy list used by other bot programs, please share, I will add by default.
    • If you have suggestions, you'll be happy to add
    • Only together we can end these attacks.

Recent Reviews

  1. KCVault
    Version: 1.0
    Exelent plugin for bungeecord and spigot :D thanks guy, really, thanks :D add a message for users in blacklist please :D
  2. SamuelCnc3
    Version: 1.0
    This plugin liked because it has what I need, it's easy to edit and brings a lot of IPs by default, for me is one of the best plug AntiBot :D