eHub [Free Verison] B0.7.3

All-in-one hub plugin

  1. Lightningrocks27
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9

    Support no-longer available. This means, there are no guarantees for future updates.

    If you would like to use eHub, you can purchase it here.

    eHub provides you with all the essential features for, making, managing, and maintaining your networks hub server! This compact-lightweight plugin adds many fundamental features to keep your plugin count low, and your server performances high.

    • Bow Teleporter
    • Building Permissions
    • Chat Manager
    • Command Disabler
    • Cooldowns
    • Custom Join/Leave Messages
    • Damage Control
    • Double Jump
    • Launch Pads
    • MOTD
    • NoRain
    • Player Visibility
    • Private Messages
    • Server Selector
    • Void Teleporter
    • Auto Broadcaster
    • Titles
    • Join Fireworks
    • Plugin Hider
    • (0.8.0) Custom Join Items
    • (0.8.0) Staff Chat
    • (0.8.0) Hats/Wardrobe
    • (0.8.0) Boss Bar Broadcaster
    • (0.8.3) Portals
    • (0.8.5) No Bow Mechanics
    • (0.8.7) Command Spy
    • (0.8.8) Anti-Advertising
    • (0.8.8) Capitalization Control
    • (0.8.9) Anti-Spam
    • (0.9.0) TabList Customization
    • (0.10.0) Multi-language Support
    • (0.10.5) Unlimited Custom GUI's
    • (0.11.0) Action Bar Broadcast
    • and lots more...

    All permission information can be found on the wiki page.

    All command information can be found on the wiki page.

    Features with a # in front of them, are not in the plugin but have plans to be added.

    Default copy of 0.7.1 configuration files:

    Theses are plugins that are not required to be installed but if they are, adds extra functionality to the plugin.

    Vault - Allows you to add prefix's and suffix's to chat
    BossBarAPI - Required for Boss Bar broadcasting

    (Not in any specific order.)
    • Boss Bar Broadcaster
    • Chat Control
    • Particles
    • Pets
    • Holograms
    • Bug Reporting
    • Chat Clear
    • World Borders


    Please Note: When using /ehub reload to reload the config.yml, any features you have disable, before last restart, will still be enabled until you completely restart the server (or vise versa). When the plugin is initially loaded it checks if you have disabled or enabled certain features, allowing the plugin to apply less load on the server.

    Contact me to get your server IP here.

    By downloading and using this plugin you are agree to the following:
    1. You are not allowed to modify or de-compile this code
    2. You are not allowed to redistribute or resell this plugin
    3. The price is subjected to change in the future
    Note: On ever update is it recommend you delete your configuration file.

    Have any plugin ideas? PM me!

    Will you create custom plugins for my server?
    Yes, contact me:
    Spigot Account: Lightningrocks27
    Skype: Lightningrocks27
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Thank you for testing eHub! If you have an features or bugs you would like fixed or added, please message me or create a post in the discussion area.
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Recent Reviews

  1. JesterNumberOne
    Version: B0.7.3
    i am unable to view the premium plugin page, and also the server selector isnt working .. it says "unknown command" help pls :)
  2. King_lyl
    Version: B0.7.3
    Excellent plugin, i want to use it in 1.12.2, but why can't i open the link
  3. parkasurvival
    Version: B0.7.3
    This plugin works very well. I don't gonna use this cause i have a lot of other plugins already customized to make my hub cool. But keep going support, and maybe ill gonna use this then!
    1. Lightningrocks27
      Author's Response
  4. Edraket01
    Version: B0.7.2
    Plugin not completely tested. Server selector not working. Server command wrong programmed. The other commands are working nice
    1. Lightningrocks27
      Author's Response
      I have retested the Server Selector and cant seem to find an issues. I have send you a pm for more details.
  5. rockyroad83
    Version: B0.7.2
    Awesome resource that actually works. Great plugin that has most of the things hubs mostly commonly consist of.
  6. Rey
    Version: B0.6.2
    i have a bug, when i use the server selector, the chat says "unknown command" but if i use manually the command configured in this config the command works, is just a plugin issue.
    1. Lightningrocks27
      Author's Response
      Thank you for reporting this bug, I will look into to it.
  7. CarmineKing
    Version: B0.6.2
    Great plugin, has most of the things hubs commonly consist of, but perhaps you could add some ig configuring, maybe, or even /ehub reload, to reload the config