Electric Staff [Retired] 1.1

Similar to the Electric Staff from the Hexxit Modpack.

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    This plug-in is essentially the Electric Staff from the Hexxit Modpack. When a player right clicks the staff it will shot them up in the air and propels them a few blocks forward in the direction that they are looking.

    Compatibility, IMPORTANT!:
    This plugin is currently only compatible with NoCheatPlus if you have any other anti-cheat plugin on your server it most likely will NOT work. It WILL work however, if you have no anti-cheat plugins on your server.

    Important Details:
    The Electric Staff in this plugin uses feathers as fuel, one feather is consumed per right click.
    Crafting Recipe:
    (Top: Emerald, Diamond block, Emerald
    Middle: Feather, Blaze Rod, Feather
    Bottom: Feather, Obsidian, Feather)
    The crafting recipe can not be changed at the moment, but it can be toggled on and off in the plugin's config file. The fuel source can be changed in the config file if desired.

    Commands and Permissions:
    All commands, accept for the 3rd one, are only here in case a bug involving a players flying ability happens, which is very unlikely but it might happen.
    First Command:
    This command should be given to everyone who has a permission to fly on your server but is defaulted to op. This command will reset the fly permission of the player who issued the command and put them into fly mode.
    The permission for this command is:
    Second Command:
    This command should only be given to ops or administrators and is defaulted to op, it does the same this as the last command, but instead of granting fly permission, it will revoke fly permission. This command can also be done to other players so its proper usage would be /elecsreset player. I have never had to use this command in my testing of the plugin, but it might be convenient to have just in case.
    The permission for this command is:
    Third Command:
    This command gives players with permission, the ability to spawn in the Electric Staff or it's fuel source. Its two uses are as follows:
    /elecsgive electric_staff
    /elecsgive fuel
    The permission for this command is:

    To Do:
    -Add configurable crafting recipe
    -Add support for more "anit-cheat" plugins
    -Remove need for /elecsfly


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