ElephantItems | Make your own RPG-Item! 0.9.25

Provides specific tools to make your own good RPG Items!

  1. ElephantItems 0.9.25: Exp Bonus enabled!

    • Now attribute "Exp bonus" enabled, fully tested. Currently compatible only with vanilla experience, PM or tell in discuss if you has required compatibility with any plugin.
  2. ElephantItems 0.9.24

    • Supports "/reload" command with ejCore 1.1.11
  3. ElephantItems 0.9.23

    • Fixed health scaling.
  4. ElephantItems 0.9.22: Health attribute reworking.

    • Now health has no base-value, to configure base health value, go to ejCore config, ENABLE "change-health" and set the new max-health.
    • Now all items just increases the health value instead of merging with base-health.
    • If you disable "change-health" option in ejCore, health attribute not working before you enable option again.
    Please! Tell me if you find any issues after this update.
  5. ElephantItems 0.9.21

    • Fixed '+' symbol duplicate
  6. Updated to ejCore 1.1.8

    • CombatEvent and CombatType moved from EI to ejCore
    • Updated to ejCore 1.1.8
    • Removed Settings dumping to console when player join to server
    EI uses HashSystem from ejCore and after some reworking in serialize method, loading and giving items will do faster than before

    I packed plugin with ejCore, you don't need to download they separately
  7. Durability NPE fixed.

    • Fixed NPE issue with items without custom durability.
    • Forgot to remove debug messages
  8. Some calculating fixes

    • Calculating algorithm fixed. Again.
    • Fixed issue when negative values not calculated correctly.
  9. ejCore updated to 1.1.6

    #ElephantItems 0.9.16: (SNAPSHOT)

    • Updated to newest ejCore 1.1.6-SNAPSHOT
    FIXED CRITICAL BUG WITH ATTRIBUTES CALCULATING.. One question, this plugin has 320+ downloads and ejCore has 190+, why...
  10. Critical health-stat fix!

    DELETE 'health.yml' from your "ElephantItems/stats" folder, or replace base value to 20.0 to prevent player health bug.

    - Changed base value of stat "HEALTH" to 20 from 0.1