EliteMobs 5.0.0

Beautiful procedurally generated elite mobs and loot!

  1. MagmaGuy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    See this in action right now on my server, IP = "matecraft.org" (survival/skyblock/enchanted)
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    EliteMobs is a plugin made for Survival and Survival-like servers. It focuses on creating a system where Elite Mobs spawn around players based on their current power (calculated through armor, potion effects, among others). To reward players for fighting tougher mobs, Elite Mobs (can) drop custom loot. This loot can be designed here and pasted directly into the loot.yml without any issues (just make sure you're using the correct Item Types - capitalized!). Natural Elite Mobs (can) have special trails hovering around them, which indicate what powers they have.
    Features (all optional!):
    • Naturally spawn Minecraft Elite Mobs at appropriate difficulty settings (configurable) around players!
    • Discover periodic events to spice things up!
    • Create custom powerful items that drop depending on item power and mob level (supports built-in custom potion effects that apply continuously or on hit)!
    • Loot trillions of possible dynamically generated loot!
    • Stack existing mobs to create Elite Mobs with special powers and special loot that create a far greater challenge for far less lag!
    • Stack animals in farms into one Super Mob that drops the appropriate loot at a configurable ratio!
    • Enjoy lovely visual effects that indicate the mob powers that an Elite Mob has as seen in the title gif!
    • And much, much... much more... like, so much more...
    • Latest 1.12 Spigot builds. Can't guarantee anything else.
    How to setup:
    • Just drag and drop into your plugins folder and start the server!
    Permissions and commands:
    Code (Text):

    Command - Permission
    /elitemobs stats - elitemobs.stats
    /elitemobs getloot - elitemobs.getloot
    /elitemobs giveloot [playerName] [lootName] - elitemobs.giveloot
    /elitemobs spawnmob [entityType] [entityLevel] [entityPower1] [entityPower2] ... - elitemobs.spawnmob
    /elitemobs killalll aggressiveelites - elitemobs.killall.aggressiveelites
    /elitemobs killall passiveelites - elitemobs.killall.passiveelites
    /elitemobs simloot [moblevel] - elitemobs.simloot
    /elitemobs reload configs - elitemobs.reload.configs
    /elitemobs reload loot - elitemobs.reload.loot
    elitemobs.scoreboard (no commands, just add or remove to display info scoreboards)
    /elitemobs event smalltreasuregoblin - elitemobs.events.smalltreasuregoblin

    All command tied to permissions with "currency" in them use the
    built-in economy system

    elitemobs.currency.user - groups up all permissions needed for users of the plugin (elitemobs.shop, elitemobs.customshop, elitemobs.pay, elitemobs.wallet, elitemobs.cointop)
    /elitemobs shop - elitemobs.shop
    /elitemobs customshop || /elitemobs cshop - elitemobs.customshop
    /elitemobs pay [username] [amount] - elitemobs.currency.pay
    /elitemobs add [username] [amount] - elitemobs.currency.add
    /elitemobs subtract [username] [amount] - elitemobs.currency.subtract
    /elitemobs set [username] [amount] - elitemobs.currency.set
    /elitemobs check [username] - elitemobs.currency.check
    /elitemobs wallet - elitemobs.currency.wallet
    /elitemobs cointop - elitemobs.currency.cointop
    Additional mechanic details:

    Custom Loot:
    • Equipping it (or holding it) can give potion/beacon effects either continuously or on hit, and either to the player or to the enemy!
    • Can be written in just seconds here and pasted in loot.yml
    • Scales to mob difficulty - higher mobs will drop better loot
    • Highly recommended to keep names and lore unique for every item
    • Can be disabled
    • Watch this video on how to create it!
    Procedurally generated Loot:
    • Scales to mob level
    • Highly customizable (set what enchantments show up and up to which level)
    • Neat naming system (millions of possible combinations using defaults, you can write your own)
    • Can be disabled

    Elite Mobs:
    • Can spawn naturally around players based on their calculated threat level (armor, potion effects, surrounding passive Elite Mobs)
    • Can stack up to a level set in config
    • At level 5 and every level 10 levels after that, they gain a minor power
    • Minor power is communicated through the PowerStance that surround them if they spawned naturally (configurable)
    • Drop items as they get hit to ~ the right amount for the number of mobs stacked (level 10 mob = 10 mobs worth of vanilla Minecraft drops, or a tiny bit under)

    Minor Powers:
    (You can toggle these off individually!)
    • Archer
    • Blindness
    • Confusion
    • Pyromancer
    • Fireball
    • Cryomancer
    • Levitation
    • Poisonous
    • Knockback
    • Exhausting
    • Webbing
    • Withering
    • Treasure
    • Berserker
    • Tank
    • Arrowproof
    • Light
    • Fireproof
    • Heavy
    • Fast
    • Invisible
    • Taunt
    Major Powers:
    (You can toggle these off individually!)
    Power preview!
    • ZombieTeamRocket
    • ZombieParents
    • ZombieFriends
    • ZombieNecronomicon
    What the heck is a PowerStance?
    • PowerStances are the item visual effects you can spot on the title gif of this resource
    • As far as I know, first one to implement such a system in Minecraft
    • I really like it, can you tell?
    • I hope you'll really like it too.
    • They seem to have an extremely minimal impact on TPS, but the option remains to disable them
    Super Mobs:
    • Once 50 (configurable) passive mobs are together, they merge and create an elite passive mob
    • They drop items when hit, like aggressive Elite Mobs
    • Once dead, they spawn two mobs of the same type in the same location so they can be bred.

    API & more detailed info:
    • Check the github wiki.

    To-do: https://trello.com/b/ZwxzpBSa/elitemobs

    Special Thanks:
    Code (Text):

    Word bank contributors:

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Recent Reviews

  1. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 5.0.0
    Much better. :D 100C
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      It has a few caveats, it's based on range and will stay on, but the alternative just takes too many resources
  2. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 4.5.0
    Is there any way to hide the nametag of the monsters? The plugin is great, keep updating it!
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      Actually working on that for the current dev build.
  3. MrAmpersand
    Version: 4.5.0
    Went to the Discord for some help, ended up even getting an update because of it. Seems like an amazing Dev, and I love this plugin!
  4. perfes
    Version: 4.5.0
    How do I change the loo drop rate in this plugin? I decrease the flat loot drop rate but it is still pretty high.
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      This isn't the section for questions, seek support in discussions or the discord channel.
  5. Philip0204
    Version: 4.4.1
    Great Plugin and High Maintenance. Probably the best custom mob plugin, with amazingly cool visuals and powers.
  6. MacpoloM321
    Version: 4.4.1
    ★ Awsome plugin men. !!! But can you update for 1.10.2 pleaaase !!! ★
    ⚑ Good Luck ⚑
    ⚡And Have Fun ! ⚡
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      That's not updating, that's downgrading
  7. StonurDewd
    Version: 4.4.1
    Love bringing the game to the next level and this plugin allows it with mobs. Some pretty cool customization for not just mobs, but loot as well.
    The names of loot are enough to make you want to slay more!
  8. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 4.3.0
    This plugin is incredible, much better than InfernalMobs! :O
  9. Xdriver5000
    Version: 4.3.0
    I have use this plugin for a time, and, what ever you are doing. KEEP THIS PLUGIN GROW, add more names and text for the mobs. <3
  10. juniordeejay
    Version: 4.3.0
    Al deshabilitar que no salgan en un mundo, siguen apareciendo.

    Por lo demas esta bien