Elo System [Skript] 1.0

Add elo to your server using this skript !

  1. lepro
    start with 1000 elo
    get 1% of the elo of the players you kill ( rounded )
    loose 1% of your elo when you die ( rounded )
    see how much elo someone have and how much he is worth

    /elo - check your elo and how you are worth
    /elo <player> - check how much elo someone have and how much he is worth

    no perm

    some options like tag before messages are at the top of the skript, some other options can be changed using commands and if you wish to edit something you can always change it in the skript but be carefull

    install skript in your server and put this file in your scripts folder

    no addons needed for this skript

    no setup needed for this skript

    If you wish to see what this skript does, you can try it on my server:

    Leave any suggestions or questions in comment section

Recent Reviews

  1. LtCrazyman
    Version: 1.0
    a few things id like to see, a top 10 list and a reset. love to see monthly competitions with this. overall nice tho
    1. lepro
      Author's Response
      thanks :D I will add eloreset soon and I'm trying to make a top ^^