ElytraBalance 1.3.0

Configurable options to balance the power of the elytra.

  1. Nyaruko
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
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    With the addition of rocket boosted elytra flight, the elytra may be seen as too powerful, especially if other installed plugins allow the easy crafting of the item. This plugin seeks to allow server operators to tone down (nerf) the abilities of the elytra through configurable changes to its behavior when gliding and boosting.

    Each of the changes (with the current exception of firework star rocket damage) has a matching override permission to allow certain players to bypass these tweaks.

    • Damage the elytra when a rocket is used to boost
    • Damage to the player when they use rockets that do not have firework stars
    • Configure how much damage players take when using rockets with and without firework stars
    • Decide if players should be able to use consumable items when gliding (food, potions etc.)
    • Decide if the elytra should disappear when it breaks like normal tools
    • Decide if the elytra should be repairable in an anvil
    • Decide if the elytra should be repairable by the mending enchantment
    • Decide if using riptide during gliding should stop the player's flight

    Code (Text):

    Code (Text):
      "removeElytraOnBreak": false,
      "itemDamageOnRocketUse": 57,
      "playerDamageOnNoStarRocketUse": true,
      "NoStar": "The damage dealt to a player when they boost with a rocket that is not equipped with a firework star, assuming damage for this is enabled in this plugin.",
      "damagePerNoStarRocketUse": 7.0,
      "Star": "Additional damage dealt to a player when they boost with a rocket that is equipped with a firework star on top of the default 2 and a half hearts.",
      "additionalDamagePerStarRocketUse": 0.0,
      "canConsumeFoodInFlight": true,
      "canRepairElytra": true,
      "canMendElytra": true,
      "riptideInterruptsGliding": false;

      "consumableBlockedMessage": "You can't eat/drink while gliding!",
      "showConsumableBlockedMessage": true,
      "elytraDestroyedAndRemovedMessage": "Your elytra has shattered into a million pieces!",
      "showElytraDestroyedAndRemovedMessage": false,
      "repairAttemptBlockedMessage": "You can't fix an elytra with an anvil!",
      "showRepairAttemptBlockedMessage": true,
      "riptideInterruptMessage": "Riptide has stopped you gliding!",
      "showRiptideInterruptMessage": true
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