Emerald Bank {ORIGINAL} [1.11] - An Emerald Bank with a cool GUI and a Villager ! 1.0.3

Place your emeralds in a bank ! ( with cool other features :) )

  1. Ullrimax
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    Emerald Bank
    Hello ! With rush93 we have created an Emerald Bank plugin, on this plugin you can deposit/withdraw emeralds to an account.

    - Create a balance for each player of the server
    - Each player can deposit/withdraw emeralds to his account through a villager
    - The Banker is a villager
    - You can simply deposit/withdraw with a cool GUI
    - You can do /eb top to see the balance top
    - You can do /eb balance [player] to see someone's balance

    /eb spawn to create a Banker
    /eb top [page] to see the balance top
    /eb balance [player] to see someone's balance
    /eb set <player> <amount> to set someone's balance
    /eb give <player> <amount> to add emeralds to someone's balance
    /eb take <player> <amount> to take emeralds to someone's balance
    /eb reload to reload the config

    to get /eb spawn, /eb set, /eb give, /eb take, /eb reload commands

    Config file
    Code (Text):
    #This is the config file for the Emerald Bank plugin

    topTotalPerPage: 10
    autoSaveTime: 1200                                                    #in ticks (1s ~= 20ticks)
    customName: false
    superFreezeNpc: true                                                  # if true can cause lag if too many npc
    #if customName = true
    emeraldName: "&cRush&ecoins"

    ### Lang ###
        deposit: "&aDeposit"
        withdraw: "&eWithdraw"
        quit: "&cClose"
        rename: "&aRename Villager"
        remove: "&4Delete Villager"
        bank: "&a%p' balance &e(&c%s&e E)"                                 #  %p for player name | %s for the balance
        withdraw: "&eTake your Emeralds &a%p"                              #  %p for player name
        deposit: "&ePlace your Emeralds &a%p"                              #  %p for player name
        notAPlayer: "&cYou must be a player to do this."
        positiveInteger: "&cMust be a positive integer."
        lessThan: "&cMust be less than %i."                                # %i for the number
        nameNotAPlayer: "&cThat player is not online."
        noAccount: "&cThat player doesn't have an account."
        noPermission: "&cPermission required."
        notEnoughArgument: "&cCommand error :"
        reload: "&cError when reload the config, check the console for more information."
      enterPnjName: "&bPlease enter the villager's name."
      pnjRenamed: "&aVillager has been renamed."
      pnjRemoved: "&bVillager has been deleted."
      notForgetItem: "&cDon't forget your items in the bank!"
      depositSuccess: "&aYou just placed %d emeralds."                     #  %d for the amount
      withdrawSuccess: "&aYou just took %d emeralds."                      #  %d for the amount
      playerBalance: "&a%p &b: &e%s."                                      #  %p for the player name | %s for the balance amount
      giveSuccess: "&aYou gave %s emeralds to %p."                         #  %p for the player name | %s for the amount
      setSuccess: "&aYou just set the balance of %p to %s emeralds."       #  %p for the player name | %s for the amount
      reloadSuccess: "&aThe config reloaded."
      takeSuccess: "&aYou just took %s emeralds from %p."                  #  %p for the player name | %s for the amount
        firstLine: "&e~~ &aEmerald Bank Top (&c%c/%t&a)&e ~~"              #  %c for the current page | %t for the total number of page
        line: "&e%i - &a%p &b( &e%s&b E)"                                  #  %i for the player place | %p for the player name | %s for the player balance
        noPermission: "&cYou have permission to do this."
      addpnj: "adds a banker."
      balanceTop: "displays the balance top."
      set: "set the balance of a player."
      give: "give emeralds to a player. "
      take: "take emeralds from a player."
      balance: "displays the balance of a player."
      reload: "reload the config."


    If you have any suggestion you are welcome :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. XXxPlayerxXX
    Version: 1.0.3
    Nice Work! But, is there any way to use your plugin as economy plugin on my server? My hotel plugin won't accept Emerald Bank as economy plugin.
  2. Vaan
    Version: 1.0.2
    God plugin but one problem ^^
    Can you add mysql ? because is very good and without lags or big folder :D

    Thx for all
  3. jokersbr
    Version: 1.0.2
    I liked it a lot. Just need to add type a check with an amount to facilitate the sales, it is bad to be very emerald. Thank you.
  4. Tikifirst
    Version: 1.0.1
    Hello, I've been looking for this type of plugin for long but it isn't working on 1.8 :/ can you please make this plugin supports 1.8.X ? :)
    1. Ullrimax
      Author's Response
      We are fixing it, it will be available in a few minutes :)
  5. JustRandomGuy
    Version: 1.0.1
    1.8 support? i try it and it doesn't work and the console error sorry bad english xD waiting for 1.8 support :(
    1. Ullrimax
      Author's Response
      We will try to add a 1.8 support
  6. rush93
    Version: 2016-09-14
    Nice plugin.
    If you want to improve the plugin post what you looking for in comment.
    I hope you become rich :)