EmeraldBank 1.0

Bank your emeralds!

  1. AwesomeKalin
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Welcome to EmeraldBank. The Bukkit/Spigot/Paper plugin for banking emeralds. You can:

    • Make banks
    • Deposit into them withholding the emeralds/iron or by typing into the command
    • Uses iron and emeralds as currency
    • Use an atm command to get a certain amount of emeralds in a bank
    • See how many emeralds and iron a bank has!
    Coming soon:

    • A way better API
    • A GUI for selecting a bank
    • Autopay. Paying a certain amount at a schedule
    • Paying to other banks
    • And more!


    • GetBankPlace:
    • Code (Java):
    • IsInt:
    • Code (Java):
      IsInt.isInt(a string);

    Please note that there is no maven repo yet as there isn't much in the api

    /eb help: Opens the help menu
    /eb new [name]: Creates a new bank
    /eb deposit [name] [optional: emeralds] [optional: iron]: Deposit emeralds or iron to the specified bank. If no amount is specified, then the amount of emeralds/iron you are holding is deposited
    /eb atm [name] [emeralds] [optional: iron]: Gives you the specified amount of emeralds/iron from the specified bank. If you don't want emeralds, put 0
    /eb amount [name]: Shows the amount of emeralds and iron a bank has

    emerald.help: Allows /eb help
    emerald.create: Allows /eb create
    emerald.deposit: Allows /eb deposit
    emerald.atm: Allows /eb atm
    emerald.amount: Allows /eb amount

    This was made for Paper 1.16.1, but should work with bukkit and spigot too. If you want me to test a specific version of bukkit/spigot/paper, please write a comment

    Making a Minecraft Plugin tutorial pluginfor this plugin? Please, tell me that you made it so I can put it here!

    This project uses bStats for anonymous statistics. If you want to see the statistics go to: bStats - EmeraldBankMM
    If you want to disable the statistics, go to your plugins folder, then bStats and then edit the file and change the only value to true