EmergencyAlerts 1.0

Alerting your server to all things important

  1. redstonefreak589
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    This plugin, known as EmergencyAlerts, is meant to notify your server in the event that something pressing has happened, and all server members need to know immediately. This is NOT meant to be another broadcaster plugin, as this is meant for only ONE message, and that message will be broadcast until the alert system has been stopped.

    This plugin uses custom packets to send the messages to the players; this is to try to minimize the crushing blow that server lag throws at people. The messages are built using NMS, so there will still be some lag in the event that server lag takes over, but it's goal is to minimize the effect. This plugin is compatible with all versions 1.8 and up, but it's only been tested on 1.10. Please DO NOT RATE LOW if you find a bug! Please PM me, and I'll gladly help with any problems you have!

    - Broadcast alerts to all players on the server using Packets!
    - Initiate server-wide mutes so only OPs and players with permissions can chat. This is also good to make sure broadcasts aren't being missed.
    - The broadcaster can be run however fast you want, in seconds. Run it once a second, or run it once every 5 minutes! Remember, this is meant for pressing matters, not for getting players to vote, so a shorter delay is probably a good thing!
    - Permissions for literally everything
    - Your broadcast message can be as long as you can type! If you can't type longer messages, use the config! The broadcast message is stored there. Now remember, the console or command blocks are not supported, so you can't enter chat commands there!

    This plugin uses custom commands to hide them from the /help menu. This is because this plugin is meant only for server administrators and owners, moderators may be included using the permissions below. All commands begin with an "!" instead of a "/".

    !start - Starts the broadcaster. Will fail if there isn't a message set.
    !stop - Stops the broadcaster.
    !set - Sets a message. Type this command first and hit enter, then type your message. This will also stop the broadcaster.
    !delete - Delete's the set message. This will also stop the broadcaster.
    !eareload - Reloads the configuration file. This is meant for if you modify the timing of the broadcasts.
    !mute - Initiates a server-wide mute. Players can still use commands during this, but it will still block all message commands, like /shout, /msg, /tell, and so on.

    Each command has it's own permissions, so you don't have to be an OP to use this plugin.
    ea.start - Allows the player to start the broadcaster.
    ea.stop - Allows the player to stop the broadcaster.
    ea.set - Allows the player to set the broadcast message.
    ea.delete - Allows the player to delete the broadcast message.
    ea.mute - Allows the player to initiate a mute.
    ea.reload - Allows the player to reload the configuration file.
    ea.cantalkwhilemuted - Allows the player to chat even while muted.

    --------TO DO--------
    - Add the ability for the player to change the broadcast delay in-game
    - One thing I want to do is reverse engineer the minecraft chat packet code, and completely make a packet sender from scratch, so I can send chat messages outside of the server. This probably won't happen anytime soon, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right? :)
    - Add support for color in the broadcasts.
    - Message me any ideas you have!

    As a Senior in high-school, I develop in my spare time, outside of homework and my home life. I will always read everyone's messages and reviews, but it might take a little longer depending on the day and time. I'm wanting to pursue a career in computer programming, so not only can you PM me ideas, but you can feel free to fork the source code on GitHub, make changes, and send them to me! If I like your change, I will merge the fork to my master branch and credit you in the changelog. Maybe a major feature will be added because of you!
    Also, do not rate this plugin with a low rating because "It doesn't work". That's very unhelpful, and I'll be sure to respond with either a sarcastic remark, or I won't respond at all. You can PM me and tell me this, then I'll be sure to help. I reserve the right to refuse support if I feel it's not needed. The source code can be found here!