Emotion Commands 1.1

Use different commands to express your current emotion to the server!

  1. xXInfinityXx
    Emotion Commands is a plugin that allows you to express your feelings to the server with commands like /emotion sad, /emotion joy, /emotion disgust, etc. It's a very fun plugin for servers that I guarantee will bring more liveliness and fun to the server.

    ==Emotion List==
    This is the list of emotions. So when I reference <emotion>, I'm talking about whichever one of these you choose. List:

    fear, angry, sad, joy, disgust, anticipation, suprised, relaxed, facepalm
    (surprised is likely misspelled in the plugin as well)


    /emotion <emotion> - The main command. It broadcasts in the server chat: <username> is feeling <emotion>/<username> feels <emotion>, etc.

    /emotion list - Lists all the emotions.


    EC.command - Gives access to /emotion.

    EC.command.<emotion> - Gives access to /emotion <emotion>.

    EC.command.list - Gives access to /emotion list.