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Emotions 1.0.0

Adds emotions in minecraft!

  1. TheMrQuake
    My other plugins:

    The plugin adds emotion to the game!)
    You can choose an emotion from the menu, and your emotions will be written to all the players in the chat room!

    10 unique emotions.
    The ability to change the text chat messages.
    Support for versions 1.5.2-1.8.8.
    Cooldown system.

    Features in plans:
    Ability to change the cooldown.
    The ability to change the names of a menu.
    The ability to create their own emotions.


    Commands and Perms:

    /Emotions help - Emotions.help
    /Emotions menu - Emotions.menu
    Access to all commands -Emotions.*

    1. Put in a folder plugins Emotions.jar
    1. Restart the server.