Emotions 1.0

Liven up the chat!

  1. RadiantRedstone
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    A way for players to express themselves. Built for 1.8.

    [Note] No longer in development or offering support.

    /emotions - Shows information page, for users looking for the commands list.
    /emotionsadmin - Ability to disable the use of emotions commands, just in case.

    /hug <player> - Hug a player.
    /kiss <player> - Kiss a player.
    /annoy <player> - Annoy a player.
    /marry <player> - Marry a player.
    /divorce <player> - Divorce a player.
    /slap <player> - Slap a player.
    /laughat <player> - Laugh at a player.
    /throwbrick <player> - Throw a brick at a player.
    /farton <player> - Fart in the face of your enemies.
    /poke <player> - Poke a player.
    /throwdictionary <player> - Throw a dictionarty at a player.
    /punch <player> - Punch a player.
    /lovepunch <player> - Lovingly punch a player.
    /fakekick <player> - Kick a player.
    /fakeban <player> - Ban a player.
    /eatplayer <player> - Eat a player.
    /eatpopcorn - Eat popcorn.
    /cry - Snif.
    /fart - Fart loudly.
    /cough - Cough loudly.
    /fakeafk - Go AFK. (based on Essentials' AFK message format)
    /splash - Destroy your enemies.
    /wave - Greet a person!
    /happiness - Happy!
    /hiccup - I don't know.
    /scream - Spook.
    /barf - Bleh.

    emotions.use - Allows use for all the emotions commands (except /emotionsadmin)
    emotions.admin - Allows you to disable/enable the use of emotions commands.

    Extra Notes
    The plugin was built with Java 8, for 1.8 servers.
    ...Also the /emotions help error is not plugin-breaking. You're supposed to literally do /emotions help 1 or /emotions help 2.