Empires 1.1.1

Empires is a land and group relation management system focused on granular control.

  1. pixelgriffin
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Supports all Bukkit & Spigot versions
    Empires official test server: mc-experience.net

    Empires is a relation and land management plugin similar to Factions and Towny. Empires boasts a much higher level of control when dealing with land permissions and player-based relationship systems. A multi-tier officer system allows for ultimate control of your members, while per-chunk flags/permissions allows for perfect control over your land. Create both Kingdoms to serve in vassalage and Empires to rule Kingdoms on your quest to conquer land!

    • Highly customizable configuration and permission combo
    • Per-chunk flags allowing for interaction permissions to only apply to certain chunks
    • Multi-tiered officer system(Members, Officer 1s, Officer 2s, Officer 3s, Leader)
    • Multiple civilization types (Kingdoms, Empires)
    • Empires can grow by convincing Kingdoms to join their cause
    • Empires can allow better defense networks by allowing access to multiple Kingdom spawns
    • Kingdoms can also help defend Empires through access to Empire spawns
    • Herochat integration, allowing for Kingdom and Ally chat
    • Any version of Herochat is supported (both Legacy and 5.7.0+)
    • Vault integration, allowing for Kingdom/Empire banks
    • Fully customizable break list, allowing for only specific objects to be broken on any claim
    • Fully customizable place list, allowing for only specific objects to be placed on any claim
    • Ally, enemy, and neutral relation system
    • Empires can allow for reduced damage on Empire land
    • SQL Integration
    • GUI for chunk flags
    • GUI for group permissions
    • Titles/Kingdoms above name plate
    Code (Text):
    #worlds that do not allow claiming, ex:
    blacklist: []
    #Blocks that can be placed anywhere regardless of claim
    - TNT
    #Blocks that can be broken anywhere regardless of claim
    - TNT
    #Maximum amount of claiming power a person has
    powerMax: 15
    #Maximum amount of claiming power a person with the permission "Empires.power.extra" has
    power2Max: 20
    #Allows detached claiming if no claims exist in different worlds if true
    interworldClaim: true
    #Vault-integrated cost of creating a Kingdom
    kingdomCost: 100
    #Vault-integrated cost of creating an Empire
    empireCost: 200
    #Maximum length in characters a player's title can be
    maxTitleLength: 10
    #Allows claiming without having the claims next to eachother
    detachClaim: false
    #Players lose claiming power on death if true
    deathPowerLoss: true
    #Players receive their money back if they disband a civilization if true
    disbandMoneyBack: false
    #Allows for reduced damage for your members on your claimed land
    damageReduction: true
    #Allows players to create Empires
    empireCreation: true
    #Allows players to create Kingdoms
    kingdomCreation: true
    #Allows players to choose to block the spawning of mobs on their claims if true
    mobSpawnFlag: true
    #Allows you to integrate with Vault
    useVault: true
    #Allows you to integrate with Herochat
    useHerochat: true
    #The default chat format for Herochat
    defaultChatFormat: '{color}[{nick}§l§f {role}{joined}{title}{color}§f{sender}{color}]

    Empires.blacklist: Allows a player to change the world-claiming blacklist
    Empires.disband.other: Allows a player to disband other civilizations
    Empires.force.join: Allows a player to forcibly join a civilization without invitation
    Empires.force.leader: Allows a player to forcibly become the leader of a civilization without invitation
    Empires.power.keep: Allows a player to keep their claiming power upon death
    Empires.power.extra: Allows a player to have a maximum power set in the config
    Empires.colors.joinable: Allows a player to rename their civilization with colors
    Empires.colors.title: Allows a player to give titles with colors

    /e access [player]: Gives a player MEMBER access to a chunk
    /e ally [who]: Requests an ally relationship with another Kingdom/Empire/Player
    /e autoclaim: Toggles auto-claiming on or off
    /e blacklist: Adds your current world to the blacklist (Requires Empires.blacklist permission)
    /e chunk [flag] [group] Edits the [flag] permission for your current chunk for the [group] permission group. For non-permission group based permissions simply use /e chunk [flag]
    /e chunk: Shows your current chunks flags
    /e claim: Claims your current chunk
    /e create [name]: Creates a new kingdom with the name [name]
    /e create: Turns your currently owned Kingdom into an Empire
    /e demote [player]: Demotes a player one rank if possible
    /e promote [player]: Promotes a player one rank if possible
    /e deposit [amount]: Deposits [amount] of money into your civilization bank (Requires vault integration)
    /e desc [description]: Changes your civilizations description
    /e disband: disbands your civilization
    /e enemy [who]: Requests an enemy relationship with another Kingdom/Empire/Player
    /e flag [flag] [group]: Edits default settings for chunk flags (when changing a flag, all chunks will be updated)
    /e flag: Shows the default settings for chunk flags
    /e home: Teleports you to your civilization's home
    /e home [home]: Teleports you to another civilization's home with the name [home]
    /e inherit [player]: Sets an heir for a civilization, when the leader leaves, the heir will become the new leader.
    /e invite [player]: Invites a player to join your civilization
    /e join [who]: Joins a civilization if invited
    /e kick [who]: Kicks another player from your civilization if their rank is lower than yours
    /e leader: Forces you into the leader position (Requires Empires.force.leader permission)
    /e leave: Leaves your current civilization
    /e list: Lists the top civilizations in your server
    /e map: Displays a claim map of the surrounding area
    /e name [name]: Changes the name of your civilization to [name]
    /e neutral [who]: Requests a neutral relationship with another Kingdom/Empire/Player
    /e perm [perm] [role]: Edits a permission for a role type (MEMBER, OFFICER_1, OFFICER_2, OFFICER_3, LEADER).
    /e perm: views the permissions for all role types
    /e power: Displays your current power
    /e remove [kingdom]: Removes a kingdom from your Empire
    /e secede: Leaves your current Kingdom's current Empire
    /e sethome: Sets the home players can teleport to via /e home
    /e title [player] [title]: Gives a player a new title
    /e unclaim: Unclaims any of your previously claimed land from your current chunk
    /e unclaimall: Unclaims all of your previously claimed land
    /e who [who]: Shows the civilization information for an Empire/Kingdom/Player
    /e withdraw [amount]: Withdraws [amount] money from your civilization bank (Requires vault integration)
    /e help [page]: Shows the help information at a certain page
    /e help: Shows the first page of the help information
    No videos yet, if you have made one please contact me!


    You can find my constant updates and full access to the source code of this plugin for free on my github here: https://github.com/pixelgriffin/Empires
    You are welcome to ask development related questions on my Twitter: @pixelgriffin
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lertu
    Version: 1.0.2
    Good but it's mostly like factions if you please can make it better by adding a gui and very compatible with pex unlike factions it doesn't make prefixes work
    1. pixelgriffin
      Author's Response
      Hello, I will look into adding a GUI for what I can. A friend informed me of the PEX issue you are speaking of. Empires supports Herochat 5.7.0+ at the moment, this may be the root of your issue. I will be adding support for Legacy Herochat soon.
  2. q863109215
    Version: 1.0.2
    Hello, I am very grateful that you can bring such a good plugin, I like, I can share your plugin in other sites do? WWW.MCBBS.NET. I will give the original website.
    1. pixelgriffin
      Author's Response
      You are welcome to do so, but please link this page. Credit would be nice as well.
  3. BeeRando
    Version: 1.0
    This is a must have for survival servers, role-play servers, pvp servers, and so on. Great plugin all around with lots of customisation.
  4. Shlobdon
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin. Like Factions, but everything it misses + more! Love the customization. Check it out on mc-experience.net